The struggle is real!

I've always maintained that my blog needs to be conversational.  That when you read my blog entries, it feels like you're having a conversation with me and I'm just chattering away.  By the way, please take this as an invitation to initiate conversation in the comments section! I'd love to hear from all my lovely … Continue reading The struggle is real!

Immersing myself in inspiration

I have been wanting to revamp the blog and start blogging properly again.  But I needed inspiration - and probably a huge kick in the behind to get me off the proverbial couch and get to it. I have been fangirling on Sara Tasker ever since I read an article on Stylist about how she … Continue reading Immersing myself in inspiration

Best wings this side of the Atlantic!

This was first published as a review on Tripadvisor. I love me a good chicken wing, so when the invite came to go to Randy's Wing Bar, I said yes. I am partial to chicken well done. I think it has something to do with growing up on home cooked fried chicken with mash as … Continue reading Best wings this side of the Atlantic!

A meal in grand surroundings

This was a review I published on my TripAdvisor page. The current structure of the Royal Exchange in London was designed by William Tite and it was opened by Queen Victoria in 1844. It currently houses luxury shops and offices. I didn't know that you could go in and look around it because I thought … Continue reading A meal in grand surroundings