I am an blogger, a baker, and an intrepid snapshot taker.  I am proudly Filipino.

I started blogging in the early Noughties.  Like many young professionals in the Philippines, I worked in a business process outsourcing service provider and blogging was a huge thing in my circle of colleagues.  I’d always known I could write (I had written a collection of stories, poetry and several plays whilst in school) and I thought I had a fairly good grasp on the English language.  Plus, I overshare on everything.

The Book Project

So blogging about everything I thought of seemed to be a natural progression.  When I moved to England, blogging became my haven.  My way of dealing with loneliness and the homesickness.  And then I started baking again.

Plum cake

So I thought what better way to combine my two passions than writing about it.  I started this blog because, well, I could deny it no longer.  I knew that my love of food had to have an outlet.  I don’t really know if I’m going to be good enough to join Masterchef or the Great British Bake Off (although in my heart of hearts, that is the dream!), but I thought I’d write down my thoughts on food and the preparation of it.

I started taking photographs mostly to document my new life in England and to post nice pictures on Facebook to share it with family and friends back home.  And obviously to post on the blog.  Instagram became another outlet for creativity and I got hooked on taking photographs of London and acquainting myself with my camera.

The Eye

This has led to the nth reincarnation of my blog.  I’m focusing the baking, the blogging and the snapshot taking.  I’m going to beef up the skills and see where this journey takes me.  Creatives ventures have a way of allowing me to discover great things.

I’ve always thought my life was extraordinarily ordinary.  But the beauty is always finding the joy in the ordinary, the special in the hopelessly normal, the momentous in the daily grind.  So welcome to my world, my thoughts, my kitchen and my photo album!

Let’s travel and experience it all together!❤️



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