Amazing Billy and His Tasty Chicks

Originally published in my other blog Panasian Kitchen We heard about Billy and Chicks via social media and wanted to try it.  We'd heard a lot of good things and as we love southern fried chicken we were very curious about how their chicken tasted.  We also found a Timeout voucher online that pretty much … Continue reading Amazing Billy and His Tasty Chicks

Where chicken is not a laughing matter: Absurd Bird

A version of this review was published on TripAdvisor and my other blog Panasian Kitchen. I haven't forgotten about my chicken bucket list.  Alan and I have been working our way through the list,  I just haven't actually sat down to write my thoughts on the visit.  Thankfully I have photos to remind me of … Continue reading Where chicken is not a laughing matter: Absurd Bird

BIRD is not the word

Given the choice between beef, poultry, pork and seafood, I would choose poultry over pork, then seafood then beef.  Beef is probably the best source of protein, but I would chicken over most meats any day. In the last quarter of 2014, I wrote about my Chicken Bucket List.  It was a list of up-and-coming … Continue reading BIRD is not the word

Saturday night non-takeaway: Chicken Karaage!

So tonight I finally made chicken karaage and it was good! Well, when I say karaage, I use the term very loosely.  Karaage is a Japanese dish of chicken marinated in ginger and garlic, soy and sake, and is fried to lovely crispy pieces.  I don't have sake in my cupboard on a regular basis … Continue reading Saturday night non-takeaway: Chicken Karaage!

The (Chicken) Bucket List

I have always, always loved chicken: fried, stewed, roasted, poached, steamed, sautéed, you name a cooking process, I'll probably say go and do it and I'll eat the chicken.  I'd even go as far as saying that I prefer chicken to any other meat. My all-time favourite chicken dish, however, is Southern fried chicken.  I … Continue reading The (Chicken) Bucket List

Jubo Chicken

My friends from the Philippines and the US have been posting photos of their Korean fried chicken experiences and I've been so very jealous!  The chicken looked so amazing that I was feeling very left out.  Unfortunately, the Bonchon Chicken chain hasn't made it over the pond and until very recently, the UK was completely … Continue reading Jubo Chicken