Back to the salt mines!

I had 10 days off work.  1o days!

It was a struggle to go back to work this morning and the day sped by so fast I nearly got whiplash!  But, that being said, after 10 days of not being chained to a desk (and my determination to keep my desk as paperless as possible), today was a good first day back at work!

Today was actually a really good day.


It’s not always my fault

I think I’ve had a proper breakthrough today.  It’s finally hit me, very properly (right in between the eyes, so to speak), that sometimes, it really isn’t me.  Sometimes, another person’s inconsistency isn’t how they’re reacting to me.  It’s really just who they are, and no matter how much one tries to be efficient to manage everything in the background, sometimes it just isn’t possible to manage someone else’s inconsistencies.  I’ve always had an overdeveloped sense of responsibility.  When something goes wrong, my first instinct is to think “What have I not done?”  But sometimes, it’s not my fault.  I need to stop taking it on as my fault.  Because I know that I’ve always done my absolute best with what time I have.

You're OKI can only do what I can do, in the time frame that I have to do things.  If I can’t get it done, then, well, I can’t because I can’t create time magically.  It’s not my fault and I am not taking responsibility for something I don’t have control over (i.e. someone else’s priorities).  It’ll have to be done another day.  I am only one person.

Yes, Alan, I am finally listening to you properly!


Budget Day 2016

Today, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announces his plans for Britain for the next 5 years.

This was a busy day for me because I work for an accounting firm and we always have a post-Budget Announcement presentation for all our clients, so our firm can let them know how the Budget Announcement can affect them.  Our tax team were busy preparing the materials for the e-shot which came out 6 hours after the Budget announcement with an analysis of how things would turn out.  There were figures to check, powerpoint slide presentations to proof read, and handouts to prep.

Needless to say it was a busy day and there was a lot to do.  I missed the train I usually get on by a mile (not that I was there on time by any stretch of the imagination – by the time the train doors shut and the train pulled away from the station I was still proofing the notes on the slides!).  I got home later than usual, nursing a pounding head and my cold has gotten worse (yes, I would like to have a little sympathy, thanks!).

Budget Red BoxAfter reading all the Budget analyses I could bear, and reading the statement from the Chancellor saying “This will be a Budget for the working people,” I think Gideon may have got it (very) wrong.