Chinese potsticker dumplings

I've almost always bought the potstickers (which are similar to the Japanese gyoza), whether cooked and ready to eat or frozen.  I've never really made them myself.  Mostly because I thought the pleating would be a difficult thing to do.  I'm a perfectionist so anything that doesn't look good to me is a disappointment (reminds … Continue reading Chinese potsticker dumplings

Oversharing my lunch!

My go-to recipe is my Salt and Chilli belly pork.  It is so easy to make.  But the challenge is what to pair it with.  I am more inclined to pair it with steamed veg.  Usually the broccoli-cauliflower-carrot medly or just the broccoli or just the cauliflower.  Or some leafy green vegetable like choi sum … Continue reading Oversharing my lunch!

Salt and chilli belly pork

I used to buy salt and chilli belly pork from the supermarket prepacked.  The pork was lovely, and the flavours were simple, uncomplicated and delicious.  There is nothing more enjoyable than straightforward goodness.  I looked at the ingredients list one evening and thought I could actually make the ingredient list a bit simpler.  The taste … Continue reading Salt and chilli belly pork

Crispy belly pork!

One of my favourite Chinese restaurant dishes, probably of all time, is crispy belly pork.  I've seen fairly complicated ways of preparing it.  I've heard someone say that you had to hold up the piece of belly pork and bathe the skin side with heated oil.  Another version said you bathed it with boiling water.  … Continue reading Crispy belly pork!