Yelly Writes

The Crown

I’m usually the first one to be excited about events involving pomp and circumstance because to me it’s being part of contemporary history, even if it is on the periphery. When the late Queen Elizabeth died, I was glued to the telly for days absorbing the news. I was also constantly looking out the window because Green Park and Buckingham Palace were quite near my office and there was a constant parade of flower tributes being brought to the Palace by members of the public (I nearly got brained by a massive bouquet of sunflowers because this guy was rushing and texting at the same time, not looking where he was going and he kept zigzagging and nearly walked into me with the gigantic yellow blooms – I’m only little!).

While there was (apparently) a build up of excitement for the big day in the country, I wasn’t quite feeling it. I know I’m going to watch the coronation ceremony on telly later, and I’m probably going to get teary-eyed. But I’m feeling very underwhelmed. Maybe because I don’t necessarily like Charles and Camilla (yep. I’m #TeamDiana, always have been). While I agree that everyone deserves happiness and to each his own, etc., etc., I’m still not feeling it (I was, in comparison, more excited for Harry and Meghan’s wedding!). I’m not a royalist, but I am also not a Republican. I believe the British Royal Family serve their purpose and they do bring in a certain amount of tourism and with tourism comes jobs…plus Prince Louis, God bless him!

I didn’t even really go out to take any pictures of the decorations around the capital until yesterday and only because I was near Regent Street. Let’s just say I had other things going on in my life.

But I do wish that Charles gets to do what he wants to do whilst he’s on the throne. He’s waited so very long to become the monarch and it would be such an anti-climax (to him personally, I suppose) if he isn’t able to do the things he wanted to do when he got to the throne. Everyone deserves the chance to fulfill their destiny.

Everyone. Even the King.

Yelly Writes

Wide awake!

This hasn’t happened in a while.

I am wide awake at 2.14 in the morning!

I’ve tried reading, listening to relaxing music, watching a documentary, meditating, and breathing. All these activities worked when my brain is restless. But not today. I think it’s my subconscious working overtime not letting me rest until I wrestle with something that it wants me to face and deal with. And I think I know what it is but it’s not something I want to think about just yet. Someone suggested physical activity but at the moment, I don’t think I can start dancing around the flat. Not at this late (or early) hour. I don’t really want to put my neighbours through the baby elephant stomping.

I might have to buy myself some yarn so I can start crocheting again. That always allowed me to clear my mind. It’s time to start crocheting poppies again anyway.

I think tonight, I’ll just have to wait it out and wait until exhaustion claims me. That or try the breathing again. 1. 2.3.4. Hold the breath, 2, 3, 4. Exhale, 2. 3, 4. Breathe in, 2, 3, 4. Hold the breath, 2, 3, 4. Exhale, 2, 3, 4…

Yelly Snaps

Big Hat!

I rarely take photos of myself.  No wait.  That’s a lie.  I take selfies.  But rarely post them.  I have loads that I’ve taken, saved and never ever looked at again.  In the same vein, I usually don’t like having my picture taken.  I will take photos of other people but I will very rarely take a portrait shot of me seriously!  I’m almost always pulling faces!

I do love this photo though.  It was taken by my friend Anila.  She’s quite clever ninja with the camera and I particularly love her portraits.  She kept asking me to do star jumps (which incidentally are also known as jumping jacks!).   I wasn’t going to because I’m such a klutz!  I’m more likely to slip on landing and break something vital!  So this was the closest Anila was going to get capturing me in a star jump pose!

I am (awkwardly) posing under Anish Kapoor’s At the Edge of the World II at the Everything at Once exhibition at the Store Studios at 180 Strand.

You’ve got to look at Anila’s amazing photos.  She’s @sparkle71h on Instagram and her gorgeous portraits account is @akhussainphotography.  I love her ballerina photos (you half expect the ballerinas to start pirouetting) and her portraits (I love how she captures the light in a person’s eye, it’s just magical!).  She’s also generous with her camera knowledge.  I know for sure that my light trail photos are much better after her tips!  Give her Flickr page a visit!❤️

Yelly Snaps

The drawing board

I took this picture on a whim.  It was taken at a weird angle and no matter how much I straighten the photo, it would not look “normal”.

I haven’t really been blogging a lot lately.  I’ve been focusing on learning how to take pictures.  Actually, no, that’s not entirely true.  I have been taking pictures, but not entirely “learning.”  It’s only quite recently that I’ve started seeing something promising in the snapshots I’m taking.  I’ve got a lot to learn and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

I’ve also let the blogging and the writing slide.  I haven’t really, properly, written anything in weeks.  I have these writing projects floating about in my head but that’s where they currently live – in my head.  I keep saying to myself, yep, I’m going to write…soon.  But I’ve been procrastinating and now I’m looking at the blog and thinking, “Really? Is that all I have to offer?”  I know I can write but I haven’t, properly, exercised my writing muscles in a very long time.

I really think it’s time I harnessed what talent I have.

This piano represents my what I’m afraid will happen to my ability to string my thoughts together.  I played the piano beautifully once upon a time.  Now I can’t even remember if I can play Für Elise or Edelweiss anymore!  I don’t want to suddenly not be able to write down how I feel.  It’s a scary thought.  So I think I must think about how I want to rekindle my interest in writing.  I need to reconnect with the creative in me!