Chocolate crinkles

Over a week ago, I gave in to the urge to finally make chocolate crinkles.  It's a popular cookie in the Philippines.  It's rich, indulgent and fudgy.  It's something that might just make you go mmmmm.  I approached the idea of making crinkles with a little trepidation.  I always worry that my memories of what … Continue reading Chocolate crinkles

The power of the crinkle

I comfort eat.  Now I know psychologists and nutritionists and every healthcare professional reading this will be gasping and tutting and shaking their head right now.  Comfort eating is a terrible coping mechanism and will have far reaching consequences.  Ha!  How highfalluting and technical-sounding is that sentence, eh?  Mind you, I am very aware my … Continue reading The power of the crinkle

Brownie points

Who doesn't like chocolate?  Apart from chocolate cake, one of my favourite chocolate consumption delivery systems is the good old chocolate brownie.  And after trying all the ways to make a brownie, looking through so many recipes, I have finally settled on my own.  Because I've made the brownie this way several times now and … Continue reading Brownie points

Chocolate Guinness cupcakes!

Finally!!! I was feeling a bit stressed out because the days were rushing past me and I hadn't started on the Cake Book Challenge yet.  I had only 25 weeks to accomplish this goal to begin with!  But finally, the Cake Book challenge has officially begun! 1 recipe down, 49 more to go!  23.5 weeks … Continue reading Chocolate Guinness cupcakes!

Pecan and chocolate banana spice muffins

I've been looking back at the first 53 days of the year, I haven't really baked much. So the first bake for 2014 is banana muffins.  I love banana loaves and treasure my banana bread recipes.  My favourites are those that translate into wonderful muffins.  Most cake recipes will be great cupcake or muffin recipes … Continue reading Pecan and chocolate banana spice muffins