Yelly Snaps

Leake Street

I, like the rest of the human race, have a very active sense of self-preservation.  I’d like to think I’m street smart (you wouldn’t think so by the way I now seem to always have my smartphone in my hand though!) and aware of my space.  You wouldn’t see me walking down a dark alleyway…but that wasn’t what I did yesterday afternoon.

Leake Street, London

Alan and I have started paying attention to what we see on our London jaunts.  We’ve looked up and down (and probably around) at the buildings, watching out for street art.  But today, Alan convinced me to go down to the Leake Street Tunnel.  There are 2 ways into the Tunnel, one is via one end that comes out on the side of the Waterloo Station, and the other end opens to York Road.

It was dark, damp in patchy places, a little smelly (mostly from paint fumes, to be honest) and very daunting.  I had visions in my head of us being mugged by the shadowy figures moving in the tunnel.  But boy was I ever wrong!  Going down Leake Street was amazing.  The shadowy figures I was afraid of were actually a couple of street artists working on their latest masterpieces, wielding their spray paint cans!

Artists at work

I got a couple of snapshots of street art by the artist called Dopeismdesigns.

Dopeismdesign 1

Dopeismdesign 2

I also found another Space Invader at the York Road end of Leake Street.

Space Invader

It just goes to show that sometimes, dark tunnels aren’t so bad!  Leake Street is constantly changing because the street artists will inevitably have to paint over other artists’ work to create their canvas but I’m excited to go back to find out what new things have been created!



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