Yelly Writes

An Apple a day…

The seduction began with one small music storage device called iPod touch and after that, it was fairly easy to lead me down the garden path!

I always thought I was a PC person through and through until I started using the iPod touch and saw how easy it was.  Then I started using a first generation iPhone and then was well and truly convinced that I could not live without my iPod touch, my iPhone and my iPad.

When my Dell laptop started slowing down (admittedly, it was a 7-year old model!), I knew that I had to have a Mac.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I took myself to the Apple Store and got myself a MacBook.

This is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to say that it started with one handheld device that condensed all the tech.  I loved how you could read your emails, tweet, Facebook, listen to music and surf the net in one little nifty device.  Sure, the need for a wifi connection was a little bit of a sticky wicket if you were on a bus to work, but these days, even your corner coffee shop offers wifi, so that’s no longer an issue.  Apart from the one stop shop quality, I loved how instinctive the gadgets were — using the iPods, iPads and iPhones were as in instinctive as using the Nokia phones in the early Noughties.

So now, I’m sitting on my couch and learning about my new toy.  It’s a whole new world!

PS  If Apple does want to give me a few freebies, I wouldn’t mind!  Ha! 🙂

The new Mac!