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Learning mac-speak!

So I bought my MacBook nearly 3 years ago now but I’ve only just actually started exploring what it can actually do.  Why buy such an expensive piece of kit?  I honestly don’t know.  I blame Alan as he introduced me to the iPhone (I did have a first generation iPod Touch but I looked at that as my mp3 player and game console all in one instead of a communication device really), and my romance with Apple products began (yes, I’m one of those geeks that can happily spend time at the Apple Store moving from one table to another playing with the new gadgets and looking – very longingly – at the new iterations of the MacBook Air).  I used to be a PC person, and I still am for work, but at home, I am mostly a Mac person (although, that being said, I do have a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet, which I love, really!  That being said, however, if anyone offered me a new iPad Pro, I’d give up my android tablet in a heartbeat!♥).

I’ve just learned to add text to a picture from my Photos folder (yay me and Google!).  I found loads of instructions on the internet but the Mac tips on Here’s The Thing by Ben Patterson is the easiest to follow.  Here’s the link to the article if you’d like to take a look.

And here’s my newly minted header image!  Ha!


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Of mundane things

It’s the weekend!  Hurrah!

I’ve been suffering lately.  I went to see the doctor recently to ask whether I needed to have my hands looked at again.  I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.  It doesn’t help that I make my living working on the computer and keyboard.  After an exam (it wasn’t just my hands and wrists bothering me really but I thought the muscle pains were a result of my body readjusting itself to deal with the pain in my hands), the doctor said he didn’t think it was a simple case of the CTS flaring up again.  So he’s sent me off for tests.  We shall find out what this stupid thing is when my doctor comes back from his 2-week vacation.

I am back in business – I have an iPhone again (thank you Alan!♥) and (stupidly) it feels like all is right in my world again.  It’s funny how I felt so disconnected and incomplete without the phone.  I suppose it was the convenience of using the iPhone that I got used to, how seamlessly it connected to my phone, my camera, my laptop and everything else.  I didn’t see myself as a person who needed a lot of tech.  I used to say that all I needed was a phone that could make phone calls and send text messages.  I remember resisting getting on the iPhone bandwagon and sticking staunchly to my little Nokia 6300 when I moved to the UK.  It could take photos and do everything else I needed it to do.  I was happy.  Then I was introduced to the weird, wonderful and oh-so-user friendly world of the iPhone (I do love you Steve Jobs♥).  I was hooked and I never really looked back after that.  Imagine having everything fit in the palm of your hands, have everything you need to communicate with the world – emails, text messages, phone calls, social media, music, entertainment (aka games), calendar and planner, and the internet in one little gadget.  After I didn’t have the phone (because I stupidly lost it on the train), I felt completely lost and very disconnected – despite the fact that I had a replacement phone that could do what the iPhone could do (I’m sorry Microsoft, your Windows 10 phone is great, maybe even amazing, but it just felt slow and clunky when I was using it).  Maybe it’s just that I became a Mac person instead of a PC person.  Alan says it’s like taking the rail replacement service when the train services are buggered – it gets you to where you want to go, but the journey isn’t necessarily enjoyable.

I have, however, taken steps to make sure that I do not lose my phone again.  My phone will now be connected to my bag at all times.  I bought a case that allows a lanyard to be attached to it.  My bag has a little do-hickey that I can secure the lanyard to, to make sure that I never lose my phone (I know, never say never, but in this case, I will!).  So even if I put the phone down on the train, when I stand up, the phone will come with!  Ingenious really.

wp-1470520728210.jpgIn other news, I made lamb biryani from scratch tonight.  For the very first time.  And (yes, cooking faux pas coming up), it was GOOD!  Get me, eh?  Frozen lamb chunks from the freezer section (bargain!), herbs, spices, rice and a stock pot, et voila!  Comfort cooking and comfort eating heaven!  I got the recipe from Alan, who got the recipe from The Telegraph.  As with all my successful attempts at trying to cook food I’ve only ever tried in the UK, I wonder if I can replicate the feat in Manila when I visit the folks.  I think my dad would like it.



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iOS 9 data warning!

This is not a tech blog.  I repeat.  This is not a tech blog.  But I thought I’d share this little tidbit of information, as shared with me by Alan tonight.

Do you have an iPhone?  Have you updated to the new iOS9?  Do you use data…a lot?  Well, do this now: Head to Settings, then Mobile Data, then scroll to the bottom of the menu where you can turn Wi-Fi Assist off.

I have a little gizmo which is otherwise known as mifi but I noticed that since I upgraded to the new iOS, my phone automatically disconnected from the wifi connection from my little mifi thingmebob and switched to 3G.  This happened only when my wifi signal from the mifi was weak or when the connection failed.  I don’t mind so much, but the whole point of my mifi is so that I don’t use up all the data that I have.

Apparently, the new iOS has a feature called “wifi assist” which automatically helps you connect to the best data connection.  So if, like me, you’ve a mifi thingmebob or mobile broadbandy thing, and the little doohickey has a weak connection, your lovely iPhone which you dutifully upgraded to the next brand spanking new operating system, will disconnect from your weak wifi mifi and connect to the strongest wifi signal around.  If said wifi signal isn’t available, it’ll use your data connection.  If, like me, you’re trying to be diligent and trying not to use up your data allowance, then this spells bad news.  Luckily, I’m on a prepaid account so I can still monitor my usage.  But for everyone on a mobile contract, you might see your data usage skyrocket ergo, HUGE mobile phone bills!

So, have a care and head to Settings, then Mobile Data, then scroll to the bottom of the menu where you can turn Wi-Fi Assist off.

If you’d like to read more, the Washington Post article is one of the best articles that explains this.

Really, Apple was a bit naughty doing this, but I forgive them.  Am just thankful the tech boffins cottoned on to this little hiccup before I managed to use up all my mobile data!  Phew!

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Yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system.

I forgot my mobile phone at home!

Quelle horreur!

Ever since I got a mobile phone (gawd! nearly 20 years ago now!), I’ve very rarely forgotten it.  I can count on one hand the times that I’ve forgotten the phone, and each time, I felt like I lost a limb (and in some situations, sometimes more than one major limb!).  There is this crippling sort of fear that encompassed me each time.  I think it had something to do with my control issues.  I didn’t feel on top of things when I didn’t have my phone.  I felt like my most convenient (and comfortable) method of communication was snatched away.  I remember feeling the same way when I moved back home in the Philippines.  Mobile phone contracts are different in the Philippines and 3G access isn’t built into the mobile phone plans so I didn’t have access to the internet in the same way I do here (24/7 unlimited connection to 3G and a pocket mifi gizmo is a necessary creature comfort to me!).

Yesterday, I went to London and discovered whilst I was on the train that I’d forgotten my phone.  I desperately wanted to get off at the next stop and go back to my flat and get my beloved phone.  I didn’t.  And for the rest of journey into the Big Smoke I felt utterly bereft.  I could feel the familiar stirrings of a panic attack beginning.  I was going to LONDON without my phone.  How was I going to survive?!?  Now bearing in mind that I had my handbag (which contained my emergency pouch – lippy, emergency meds, hand cream, pressed powder, hand wipes and tissues!), my purse (debit and credit cards) and my trusty bridge camera, I was panicking about the situations when I might have to use my phone.  Also, Alan was with me (with HIS mobile phone).

But yesterday, despite the heat and humidity (it reached 31°C in London!), was the most fun I’d had.  Alan and I had actual conversations and I was actually in the moment, enjoying each experience.  Yesterday ended up being one of the best days ever.  Sometimes, accidents turn out to be the best things.  Going off the grid, albeit inadvertently, was a good thing to do.  Maybe I will be brave enough to do this again!

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An Apple a day…

The seduction began with one small music storage device called iPod touch and after that, it was fairly easy to lead me down the garden path!

I always thought I was a PC person through and through until I started using the iPod touch and saw how easy it was.  Then I started using a first generation iPhone and then was well and truly convinced that I could not live without my iPod touch, my iPhone and my iPad.

When my Dell laptop started slowing down (admittedly, it was a 7-year old model!), I knew that I had to have a Mac.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I took myself to the Apple Store and got myself a MacBook.

This is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to say that it started with one handheld device that condensed all the tech.  I loved how you could read your emails, tweet, Facebook, listen to music and surf the net in one little nifty device.  Sure, the need for a wifi connection was a little bit of a sticky wicket if you were on a bus to work, but these days, even your corner coffee shop offers wifi, so that’s no longer an issue.  Apart from the one stop shop quality, I loved how instinctive the gadgets were — using the iPods, iPads and iPhones were as in instinctive as using the Nokia phones in the early Noughties.

So now, I’m sitting on my couch and learning about my new toy.  It’s a whole new world!

PS  If Apple does want to give me a few freebies, I wouldn’t mind!  Ha! 🙂

The new Mac!

Yelly Writes

Thank you for the technology!

I just finished sending a happy birthday email to a beloved aunt.  Earlier today, I chatted to my Abba who is ill in hospital.  I was able to see him and he was able to see me.  Every Sunday, I chat to my family via Skype.  I send free text messages to my family in Manila and friends everywhere in the world via iMessage and other apps.

To all the inventors of these wonderful innovations, I am thankful.  The technology not only helps me reach out across the miles, it makes the world a little smaller and living on the other side of the world and getting in touch with family isn’t as difficult as it used to be.  You, ladies and gentlemen, should be given medals!

Thank you for the technology!