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Jubo Chicken

My friends from the Philippines and the US have been posting photos of their Korean fried chicken experiences and I’ve been so very jealous!  The chicken looked so amazing that I was feeling very left out.  Unfortunately, the Bonchon Chicken chain hasn’t made it over the pond and until very recently, the UK was completely unaware of how good Yangnyeom Tongdak was!

Enter Jubo London.

It’s a little Korean canteen that’s installed in the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch.  It was a little bit of a trek to find the Bedroom Bar but let me tell you, if you love chicken, this is definitely worth the trip!

Jubo Chicken, Shoreditch

The chicken is fried twice with a choice of 2 lovely syrupy glazes: soy garlic and hot and sweet.  You can choose between getting wings or getting strips.  There are also other things on the menu, bulgogi subs and steam buns filled with slow cooked belly pork.  But we didn’t try those on our visit.  We came for one thing alone: the chicken.

I apologise for the grainy photos but the lighting in Jubo wasn’t conducive to food photography.  It is, after all, in a bar!  The photo of the chicken dinner platter (8 wings, 8 strips and 3 sides – if you get this ask for half-and-half so that you get both the soy garlic and the hot and sweet!) doesn’t do the chicken justice.  I’m not a chilli junky but I love the hot and spicy best because there is a perfect balance of heat and sweetness and, pardon me for using someone else’s chicken reference, but the chicken, in my opinion, is meant to be eaten by hand and is, very definitely, finger-lickin good!  Mind you, the soy garlic does give the hot and spicy a run for its money because it’s equally tasty.  There are no words to describe how lovely the chicken is.  Despite the fact that the chicken is twice-fried, it was so moist and succulent!

Jubo chicken platter

The staff are friendly and love their product so they’ll help you with the menu.  Mind you, there’s not a lot but what they do have on the menu is the best of Korean “pub” fare.  Make sure you have the kimchi (I love kimchi!).  I’m of the persuasion that it’s homemade!

Eat your heart out Bonchon!  You missed a trick.  Jubo London has claimed London!

Yelly Writes

Mourning my curtains

I am still smarting from the sabotage of my curtains.  I have left a message on the Danes’ Launderers and Dry Cleaners answerphone but, of course, as I expected, I have not had heard back from them.  I am waiting for my anger to subside before I write an email so that my email is concise and sensible and not anger driven.

I need to look up what my rights are.

I know I signed an Owner’s risk waiver but I don’t think that completely obliterates my consumer rights.

I will find out what I am entitled to.  I am good at research so I’m going to find out what options are available to me.

Yelly Writes

Danes ruined my curtains


I think a picture paints a thousand words and I think this picture says it all.  The blackout lining in BOTH my curtains were melted.  I am absolutely livid but I understand that they think they’re off scot free because I signed an Owner’s Risk waiver.  But I am not going to let this go.

On their curtain cleaning page they say that “All curtains are carefully processed then hand pressed and wrapped so they are returned to you in immaculate, crease-free condition.”  As you can see, my curtains were not “carefully processed” because BOTH the curtain panels were ruined.  Oh and my curtains weren’t inspected.  They accepted my curtains and told me how much I had to pay and that was it and to sign the Owner’s Risk waiver without explaining it to me.  There was no inspection for care instruction labels.

To add insult to injury, I didn’t find out my curtains were ruined until I got home and excited unfolded my curtains only to find that the blackout lining was completely ruined.  All I had was a letter saying they applied the cleaner and everything started disintegrating.  That’s not really what I’d call “immaculate and crease-free”.

This was not “an excellent personalised service alongside high quality laundry and dry cleaning.”

Yelly Writes

My keys are…where?!?

I locked myself out.  I forgot my keys on the dining room table where they were of absolutely no use to me!  And this instance of my dreadful forgetfulness was an expensive one!

So I called a locksmith and after watching the poor man work on what was, apparently, an amazingly secure lock for nearly an hour and a half, I am £75 poorer but am happily inside my lovely and warm flat!  I can now say that the stairs in the stairwell outside my flat door weren’t made with comfortable lounging in mind!

Lesson learned: Make sure your keys are where they’re always supposed to be, in your purse!

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My ode to The Duffin

After the obvious success of the cronut™ (aka croissant-donut, dossant, doissant, dosant, frissant, faux-nut), people wanted to contribute to the rising pastry hybrid trend by inventing delicious sugary-doughy mutations.  Apart from the trademarked cronut, no one else, to my knowledge, attempted to copyright any of the hybrid pastry creation names.

Until Starbucks, through Rich Products, did just that.  Early this month, Starbucks announced that, after sitting down with their bakers to discuss how to take their muffins one step further, they came up with the duffin.  I found out about this from a tweet from Bea’s of Bloomsbury that I read on 5 October.  I felt outraged on Bea’s behalf because earlier this year, around July, I had gone to the St Paul’s branch of Bea’s of Bloomsbury specifically to try the duffin.  I even tweeted about it!  I was even more incensed to find out earlier this week that Starbucks’ pastry products provider Rich Products copyrighted the name “duffin”.  They claim to have done extensive research about the name.  That surprises me because if you type “duffin” on Google, one of the top search results is Bea’s product.  Starbucks and Rich Products have magnanimously declared that they wouldn’t stop Bea from selling her duffins.  Gee thanks Starbucks, how generous of you, considering that Bea had her duffin recipe in a book that was released in September 2011!

In a tribute to Bea’s duffin, I baked my own batch of duffins from a recipe that was posted on the Channel 5 website.  The recipe was reprinted from Bea’s book Tea with Bea with Bea’s permission – How do you make a duffin?

Have a go at making this!  The recipe is amazingly easy to follow and the lovely duffins are ever so rich and decadently delicious!

The Duffin

Yelly Eats

Crispy belly pork!

One of my favourite Chinese restaurant dishes, probably of all time, is crispy belly pork.  I’ve seen fairly complicated ways of preparing it.  I’ve heard someone say that you had to hold up the piece of belly pork and bathe the skin side with heated oil.  Another version said you bathed it with boiling water.  All these instructions sort of turned me off even attempting to make crispy belly pork.

Mind you, I made a fairly good roasted pork joint and made amazing crackling, if I do say so myself!  It’s very simple.  Take a pork shoulder joint, pre-heat oven to 200 ºC, score the skin, rub salt and pepper and pop it into the oven for at least 1 hour and 45 minutes.  To make perfect crackling (and this is faffing about really, but the crackling turns out so crackingly beautiful and that makes the faffing about absolutely worth it!), after cooking the pork, take off the skin and cook for a further 30 minutes at about 220 ºC.  Considering my success with roasting pork and making crackling successfully, you’d think I wouldn’t be afraid of making crispy belly pork.  But I’ve had really good crispy belly pork from my favourite Chinese and I didn’t want to make it and be disappointed in something I’d prepared!

A few weeks ago, one of my friends shared a Youtube video with me.  I share a lot of my baking photos on Facebook so people know I love to bake.  Cecile, my friend from Manila, said I should take a break from baking sweet things and attempt the belly pork recipe.  I watched the video maybe 5 times to work up the courage to attempt it.  But attempt it, I did.

I followed the video instructions but used a Stanley knife to score the skin instead of using skewers.  Also, I found that when I first checked on the skin it wasn’t crispy enough so I cooked it for a further 25 minutes.  The skin came out so well that I had to record for posterity how crispy it was.  I posted the video on Instagram because I was really pleased with myself!

Crispy belly pork on rice with pak choi

Yelly Reads

Welcome back Bridget!

I am still reading Kate Mosse’s Citadel, the last of the Languedoc trilogy but I am so very excited to start the next book that’s on my book list!: Helen Fielding’s much-awaited addition to her Bridget Jones’ series, Mad About the Boy.

The book is now downloaded onto my Kindle and is now waiting for me to read it.

I do know one thing though:  Mark Darcy is dead!

Now before you raise your fist at me, shouting “Spoiler!” this has been discussed to death, with Helen Fielding making appearances on TV shows, ostensibly, to defend her decision to kill off the lovely Mark Darcy.  This was revealed to me by a cousin on Facebook who thought I’d already heard.  Just to underline the point that Mark Darcy’s death was publicized before the book was even released for sale, my cousin lives in the Philippines and she heard before me!

I am struggling with finishing the last installment to Kate Mosse’s trilogy because I am fairly desperate to read about Bridget!  But I am determined to finish Citadel properly and then move on to find out what 51 year old Bridget is up to now.

Fingers crossed I finish Citadel soon, eh?

Helen Fielding's Mad About the Boy