Yelly Writes

Mourning my curtains

I am still smarting from the sabotage of my curtains.  I have left a message on the Danes’ Launderers and Dry Cleaners answerphone but, of course, as I expected, I have not had heard back from them.  I am waiting for my anger to subside before I write an email so that my email is concise and sensible and not anger driven.

I need to look up what my rights are.

I know I signed an Owner’s risk waiver but I don’t think that completely obliterates my consumer rights.

I will find out what I am entitled to.  I am good at research so I’m going to find out what options are available to me.

Yelly Writes

Danes ruined my curtains


I think a picture paints a thousand words and I think this picture says it all.  The blackout lining in BOTH my curtains were melted.  I am absolutely livid but I understand that they think they’re off scot free because I signed an Owner’s Risk waiver.  But I am not going to let this go.

On their curtain cleaning page they say that “All curtains are carefully processed then hand pressed and wrapped so they are returned to you in immaculate, crease-free condition.”  As you can see, my curtains were not “carefully processed” because BOTH the curtain panels were ruined.  Oh and my curtains weren’t inspected.  They accepted my curtains and told me how much I had to pay and that was it and to sign the Owner’s Risk waiver without explaining it to me.  There was no inspection for care instruction labels.

To add insult to injury, I didn’t find out my curtains were ruined until I got home and excited unfolded my curtains only to find that the blackout lining was completely ruined.  All I had was a letter saying they applied the cleaner and everything started disintegrating.  That’s not really what I’d call “immaculate and crease-free”.

This was not “an excellent personalised service alongside high quality laundry and dry cleaning.”