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Tefal update

My last entry was about my Tefal steam generator iron and how it just wasn’t worth the money I paid for it.  You’d expect something that was worth over £150 to last more than 6 months right?

I sent a tweet about how disappointed I was about my iron and @TefalUK has asked me to write them an email so that they can “look into it.”  I’m fairly jaded about things like this so I’m waiting with a cynical view that nothing is going to happen.

Watch this space because I will write about it!

TefalUK tweet

Yelly Writes

Tefal let down

On the 8th of January, I excitedly purchased the Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express Auto Clean Steam Generator iron.  I was really excited.  When I bought it it was over £150.  It wasn’t an impulse purchase, £150 for an iron is a lot of money for an iron, steam or otherwise.  But there were so many positive reviews, that I thought that all these people couldn’t be wrong about an investment iron, could they?

Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express Steam Generator

For the first three months, it worked like a dream.  It cut my ironing time by about 40%!  I was ironing like an ironing fiend.  I was the Jenson Button of ironing.  The iron itself was light and easy to maneuver which was a bonus for me and my carpal tunnelly hands.  Then around about the fourth month, it started making a strange clicky sound.  I thought it was because I’d let the reservoir go empty (I hadn’t!).  But I thought maybe it was just because it was refilling the steam reservoir, or cleaning itself, or regulating the temperature.  Because, surely, it wasn’t going to conk out on me!

Then about a month ago, the non-stick sole plate started sticking.  It started burning shirts and trousers.  What was worse was that it was transferring the burnt bits onto clothing that I was ironing.   I found myself having to painstakingly remove the burnt on bits from the sole plates EACH time I had to use the iron.  I had to even pause in between ironing sessions, have an ironing intermission if you will, so that I could let the sole plate cool so that I could make sure there weren’t burnt on bits and I could remove any burnt on bits.  And before you ask, I was ironing clothes at the right temperature setting.  I pride myself on knowing how to use a steam iron.

I thought that buying an expensive iron meant I was protecting my clothes, that I was making sure I was using a good product that  would ensure that the ironing experience wouldn’t be such a chore, because, let’s face it, it is a chore.  Six months into using this expensive piece of ironing kit, I am beginning to believe I was duped into parting with my money.  Tefal claims it to be a top spec steam generator iron.  It claims that you are able to glide through stubborn creases.  And it’s true, you do glide through stubborn creases, like a dream, I might add.  For about 6 months.  Then gliding stops, the burnings starts, the ruining of the clothes begin and the nightmare is never-ending.

I don’t have the box to return the iron.  I only have the manual and, of course, the iron.  I’d like to return it, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to.

To say that I am annoyed it an understatement.  I am unable to iron my work clothes for tomorrow.  I have wrinkly clothes.  I have this expensive clunky thing in my house that should solve my wrinkly clothes problem.  But instead I am afraid to use it because it will burn my clothes.  For all its wonderful promises, Tefal has over-promised and under-delivered and has majorly disappointed.

I am very, very, very disappointed.

Yelly Writes

Rethink, regroup maybe?

The weekend’s been a bit of a washout.  It rained.  Really hard.  As I was coming out of the hairdressers’ it was, as the Met Office predicted, showery.  Very showery.  No make that heavy on the showery.  But because I was a girl scout (I was, really!  I wore the green Girl Scouts of the Philippines uniform for 6 years!) I brought with me an umbrella.  Said rain would have, most probably, put a damper on the proceedings at the Colchester Food and Drink Festival.  Lower Castle Park can get squelchy when it rains.  I was looking forward to going to the food festival today.  So the rain wasn’t welcome!  Except that I managed to get 2 important things done: my hair AND get dim sum from my favourite Chinese supermarket.  I got beef and pork (and shrimp) siu mai, bean curd rolls and dumplings for frying!

I was, however, lamenting my choice of footwear.  I have allowed my lovely ballet flats (my favourite pair!) to be soaked in rain water.  Not a good thing, I don’t think!  I may have to replace them.  It’s a good thing they’re a Clark’s shoes standard and, thank goodness, there is a sale on!  Mind you, that particularly design may not be on sale, but we shall see!


On to other things, I am a tiny bit disappointed that my giveaway hasn’t worked.  Mind you, I haven’t really done anything to promote the giveaway so that may be the first thing I should address.  I will wait until the last day, 6 July and see if there is any interest.  If not, I shall go back to the drawing board and have a rethink!  Maybe attempt Rafflecopter again?

I thought if I did too much to prepare, I would be overthinking the whole blog giveaway thing.  But I think this time, overthinking may be the best thing.  I want to run a really good blog giveaway and I want it to be exciting!  So after 1AM on 6 July, if I have no takers, I’m going to try to give the iPhone case again.  I just shake my head at the seemingly sloppy way I’ve prepped for this giveaway!  In the words of Mr Knightley (Jane Austen’s Emma), “Badly done!”


On another note, I am quite surprised at how much I love my hair.  It was cut by someone else and I wasn’t quite sure I liked how they handled my hair.  Thankfully, it wasn’t something I was unhappy about.  What a relief!  The lady that cut my hair no longer worked at the salon that I went to.  It took me almost 2 years to find someone to do my hair in a way that I was comfortable with.  And now she’s moved!  I was given her number and I’ve sent her a text message.  I hope she sends me a text message back so that I can go where she works!  Unless, of course, she doesn’t text back!  Scary thought!

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Just saying

I logged on knowing that I hadn’t written anything on the blog for a considerable amount of time.  I didn’t really realise that the last blog entry I’d written was the day before Easter.  My how time flies, even when one isn’t having fun.  I’ve been battling a throat infection and a bad bout of flu for the past few weeks.

A few days ago I was in Notting Hill, mostly to find a Filipino restaurant that I’d been looking forward to trying.  I think I’m not alone in saying that if it was a Filipino restaurant, run by Filipinos, Filipinos would flock to it because Filipinos would, if they could.  I had eaten in another Filipino restaurant in London, in Charlotte Street, called Josephine’s.  The decor was a little dated but I didn’t mind it because the service, and of course the food, was wonderful.  Despite the fact that there were other customers, I felt well-looked after, not ignored.

That wasn’t the case in this other restaurant.  I know I definitely looked Filipino and made the point of mentioning that I was Filipino and read about the restaurant which was why I wanted to try it but I got an indifferent response.  Colder than lukewarm.  Most Filipinos would ask where you lived, how long you lived there and what you did for work.  This wouldn’t really be intrusive, it’s just the way Filipinos connect.  There are about 300,000 Filipinos spread all over the UK, a mere drop in the ocean compared the general population.  My experience, so far, has always been Filipinos wanting to connect with each other.  But funnily enough, the warm and effusive welcome for a fellow Filipino that I was hoping for was not what I got.  There was no effort to connect, there was no effort to engage.

The food was okay but the ordering wasn’t explained (the menus were on clipboards on the wall and you took one to the table then ordered at a make-shift looking counter), I had to ask.  The options weren’t explained but after I asked if I could have water instead, I was told they could serve me water.  I just felt like they weren’t interested in the business that I brought in.  And I was massively, massively disappointed.

There was another person in the restaurant, a person who, from the conversation I could overhear was a friend.  The person at the counter talked to this friend more than he talked to me.  I think most restaurants, in this day and age, would fight tooth and nail for punters.  I didn’t feel important to this establishment.  I felt like I was an interruption to their conversation.  I felt completely unwelcome.

Even now when I think about it, I feel like crying.  The entire experience was that awful.  I know I only paid £10 in total for my food.  But I would’ve rather not gone now.  I hope they treat other paying customers differently.  More importantly, if they’re going use a Filipino word for their restaurant name, I pray that they treat fellow Filipinos better because the Pinoys that come to them want to come in and feel like they’re in a Filipino oasis in the hustle and bustle of London.

Service is as service done, but this was badly done.  Very badly done.  I’m certainly not going back to this Filipino restaurant.