Yelly Writes

Bon weekend!

I know it’s really bad to wish one’s life away, but life has been fairly manic lately.  I actually dislike Mondays and start wishing for Friday on Tuesday mornings!  Also when I say life, I mean work.  I currently have no work-life balance.  I get up, get ready for work, get on the train to go to work, work, break for lunch (aka eat at my desk and work, or go to Tesco and Lakeland to do a bit of research for my big project, so yes, it’s sort of like work too!), work some more, go home, eat, wash up, read work emails and write down to-do lists for the next day whilst the TV drones on in the background, bathe-rinse-tone-moisturise, go to sleep…and repeat.

I am going to be ever so glad when 31 January rushes past (my days seem to rush past me these days) because it’ll be the end of income tax return submissions and things will settle down a little.  At least I hope so.  It hasn’t happened yet.  I was promised downtime.  Downtime has yet to make a cameo appearance.

But sometimes, one looks up and sees how beautiful nature is.  Sometimes, even when one is bone-tired, brain dead with exhaustion, God shows you the perfection of His creation and you smile.  Beauty has a way of sweeping away the exhaustion and stresses of the work week.  This was exactly what happened to me today.  I was rushing to the train station, having left my desk later than I planned (again), praying to the Lord to make me move faster so I didn’t miss my train.  I just happened to look back and saw this fabulous, stunner of a sunset.  I just had to take a snapshot and share it with everyone.

Thank you for this Lord!

Chelmsford sunset

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