Yelly Writes

The List amendment

So I’m looking at my list and I am struck by the niggling feeling that I left something out.  I know I said that it was a working list and that things would be added.  But as I kept rereading my list I kept asking myself, “what did I forget to write down?”  And I took the biggest intake of breath I’ve ever taken.  How could something so important, so integral in my life be left out?  How could I forget?

My faith and my relationship with my God is a fundamental part of my life whether I talk about it or not.  I would, however, love to talk about my journey in faith much more than I do.  I’ve always been afraid of sounding too preachy or “religious”.  But why should I be afraid?  Why should I not talk about a part of me that strengthens me, that more often than not, carries me through my life journey?

My faith and my relationship with God gets me through everything – all the highs and lows of my life are underlined by how I see God working in my life.  Why shouldn’t I talk about this wonderful relationship that is a constant in my life?

So the first amendment to my list is this:  To write about my faith more.

Penny for your thoughts!

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