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The Cake Book Challenge!

I am doing a Julie Powell!  This challenge that I’ve taken on is getting more and more daunting as I think about it.

I have decided to cook through this book:

The Cake Book

It’s a book from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube series (I also have the BBQ Book too which is excellent!) published by Penguin Books.  The book is called The Cake Book.  The recipes are written by Jemma Wilson who is the wunderkind behind Crumbs & Doilies.  If you’re into street food, you’ll know that C&D offers a really good range of lovely (heavy on the lovely) cupcakes.  I love the mini cupcakes that they offer the most because they are bite-sized pieces of heaven!  And they look so cute and dainty, almost too good-looking to eat.  Almost.  I thought to myself, well, if these are Cupcake Jemma’s recipes, well, they are definitely worth making!

There are 50 recipes in The Cake Book.  There are 26 weeks left in the year.  If I manage 2 recipes each week, I will have cooked through the entire book at the end of the year!  I am thankful that I can bring the cupcakes to work or share them with friends.  Because my blood sugar would not appreciate the increase in sugar intake!

I like that I am in the same situation as Julie Powell was when she started the Julie/Julia project.  I have a full-time job and a long commute at both ends of the day (mind you, I’m not sure how long Julie Powell’s commute was!)!  Am I crazy?  Definitely.  Is this self-inflicted project bigger than I think it is?  Probably.  But am I excited?  You betcha!  There are so many interesting recipes in the book.  I am looking forward to making brittle!  If Julie Powell can do it, so can I!

3 thoughts on “The Cake Book Challenge!”

  1. Hey! This is a great Idea. I am basically doing the same – just not within the one year time frame (mostly because I’ll be on holiday for 6 weeks soon and that is just too tight). I love the book. All recipes tried so far are fabolous and I can’t wait to bake them all! (as soon as I’ve finished I am planning to open up a cake stall of my own on a nice little market in my home town… 🙂 I can’t wait to read about your adventures!

    1. Awww thanks! It’s great to get encouragement. The recipes are fabulous and that’s why I decided to cook through the book. I’m quite excited…still. To date, I’ve only done 3 recipes but I’m already getting ideas from the recipes. Keep reading and keep commenting. It is much appreciated! 🙂

      1. I will :-), I’m actually quite impressed with your blueberry cheesecake muffin. My cheesecake frosting just dissolved into liquid… (must be the Austrian dairy product I’ve used… I think I figured it out now at my apricot cheesekaefrosting. But still that was quite dissapointing – especially because I baked them for a b-day of a friend…

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