Yelly Writes

The Wall

I have hit the proverbial writing wall.

I’ve got so many things I want to write about, I’ve take so many pictures that I want to post and I’ve started writing the blog entries, but I can’t seem to finish anything!  In my head I know exactly what I want to write about, I know exactly what elements are part of the entry but as I sit in front of my PC and look at that blinking cursor, I freeze.  The words just won’t come!

I think the writing muses have gone away somewhere.  I’m thinking they’ve gone to somewhere warm and sunny.  I feel a bit put out that they didn’t invite me on their spring break!  I really wish they would come back.  I really want to start writing again.

4 thoughts on “The Wall”

  1. Have you ever tried just taking notes of what you want to write about? That could help during those moments when the words just won’t come.

    1. I have notes everywhere. But I feel horribly…impotent…when I finally sit down to put my thoughts together. I think I might be putting too much pressure on myself!

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