Yelly Writes

Careful is as careful does!

I slipped on ice tonight.  Not surprising as I am known to be a klutz!  I just thought I’d put it out there.

I had just gotten off the train from work.  I was walking carefully because it was cold and the platform was very wet.  I could see clumps of salt thrown around.  One moment I was walking carefully and the next I was sitting down on my backside!  I remember choosing carefully where to put my feet because I knew there was a possibility I could slip.  I had walked quite safely from the platform into the tarmacked pavement and breathed a sigh of relief because I thought I was safe–or so I thought!  It was dark though in the area where I slipped and I remember looking up at the lightless lamp.  If the lamp post on the train station had a working light bulb I would’ve probably seen the icy patch.  But alas, there was no light and I was walking in the dark.

Mind you, it was more my pride that was hurt more than anything as there were people walking behind me.  I ended up on my bum with my left leg under my thigh.  Who knew I was that flexible?