Yelly Writes

And on the third day…

…I stayed in bed!  I thought yesterday was the worst with the D&V but today is even worse.  I really felt ill today.

I know you’re probably sick of my whining about my illness but it helps me feel better when I write about how I feel.  So unfortunately, I am going to witter on about my adventures in Norovirus land.

I mostly spent today in bed because I thought that if I stayed horizontal, I wouldn’t throw up.  Mind you, I did wake up feeling horribly sick and I had to run to the loo to avoid being sick in bed (SORRY!  Disgusting, I know!).  While the dash to the loo was necessary, it was a big mistake.  My head was pounding and the run to the loo made the pounding headache worse!

I had chicken soup for breakfast (I love this particulary chicken soup recipe.  It’s meant to fortify ill people, or so the Chinese say.  It’s got lots of ginger, chicken, chicken stock, goji berries and rice wine.  You cook it until the chicken falls off the bone.) and then I went back to bed.  I stayed there until about 2 in the afternoon and then I thought I might do myself some good by sitting up.  I felt horrible the whole time and told myself that a shower would do me wonders.  The whole showering process tired me out!  Just the whole process of moisturising post-shower made my head swim and I had to pause in between stages.  It’s helped me feel a lot less grotty and a hot shower always soothes.

But the fact still remains, I am still ill and the fact that I’m still throwing up means that the bug hasn’t passed yet!  I wanted to go back to work on Monday but if I’m responsible, I’m not going to because I am most probably still contagious.

Mind you, I should probably just go to work and to heck with the people who are on the train with me.  I probably got this bug from an irresponsible person who did not cover their mouth when the sneezed or coughed (This is a pet peeve so I’m getting off my soapbox before I start grandstanding about the need for people to think about infection control!).  BUT I am better than that.  I’m not going to infect the people at work.

I’m really tired of being ill though and at the rate of sounding redundant, I’m sick of being sick!