Yelly Writes

A lucky escape

My Chinese New Year celebration was punctuated with brilliant pictures and a massively stupendous fall (accentuated with the vision of stars brought on by that glorious bang on the head!).

I am glad to say that my body is recovering from the fall quite well and the head is seemingly clear from any sort of concussion (or any other ill effects from it hitting the wall).  The only sign of my obvious minor disaster is the bruised elbow.  My outer arm has a relatively benign-looking bruise but when you look at my inner elbow there is a humdinger of a bruise!

humdinger of a bruise

I’ve had a lucky escape though because despite the circumstances, I still think I managed to emerge from that accident relatively unscathed…battered ego, notwithstanding.

The bruise is now turning to varying shades of green and yellow so I know that I am healing quite well.

Thank goodness!

Yelly Writes

Careful is as careful does!

I slipped on ice tonight.  Not surprising as I am known to be a klutz!  I just thought I’d put it out there.

I had just gotten off the train from work.  I was walking carefully because it was cold and the platform was very wet.  I could see clumps of salt thrown around.  One moment I was walking carefully and the next I was sitting down on my backside!  I remember choosing carefully where to put my feet because I knew there was a possibility I could slip.  I had walked quite safely from the platform into the tarmacked pavement and breathed a sigh of relief because I thought I was safe–or so I thought!  It was dark though in the area where I slipped and I remember looking up at the lightless lamp.  If the lamp post on the train station had a working light bulb I would’ve probably seen the icy patch.  But alas, there was no light and I was walking in the dark.

Mind you, it was more my pride that was hurt more than anything as there were people walking behind me.  I ended up on my bum with my left leg under my thigh.  Who knew I was that flexible?