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College Orientation

I haven’t blogged in a while and I think it’s quite fitting that my next post is about family.

A little family book promotion can’t be bad, can it?  My cousin Karen Bendersky has written a book with Catherine Chastain-Elliot called College Orientation.  It’s available on Amazon on to pre-order and the release date is 01 January 2013.  Amazon describes the book as:

College Orientation targets freshmen entering four-year institutions and is designed for use from college orientation programs until graduation day and beyond. It provides a roadmap for campus staff and faculty offering orientation programs to facilitate behaviors that increase retention, improve four-year graduation rates, and ultimately, reduce student loan debt. Students receive the information they need to adapt to college life and stay on track towards a degree–all the while learning behaviors that promote achievement after graduation. This comprehensive reference tool is written from an insider’s point of view and has a distinct focus on promoting appropriate college conduct. It covers a multitude of topics that help students navigate the university system while learning how to adapt this information to their future workplace.

If you’ve got someone prepping for college or, as they say in the UK, uni, this book might come in handy!

College Orientation by Karen Bendersky

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