Yelly Writes


I spent quality time with the document scanner in the office today.  I had what seemed to be a shedload of documents to put into the system!  I spent the better part of 2 hours sitting in front of the document scanner feeding document after document.  How exciting is my life!

There was a lot of discussion about what the Mayans predicted to be the end of the world.  Some people interpreted the end of the Mayan calendar to be a prediction that the Mayans made–that the world would end at 11:11AM on 21 December 2012.  Someone at work was genuinely worrying about it being the end of the world.  I don’t know the details of the prediction but there was talk that a black comet would come and strike the earth, but that no one would be able to track this particular comet because it couldn’t be seen because it was black.  There was were several news bits about this town in southern France that was supposedly safe from destruction because of the presence of aliens underneath!

I had a good giggle about it because, well, it all seemed a bit silly to me.  People were worried about the world ending, and instead of living their life as it was their last day on earth, making every second count, some people were petrified and not doing anything at all.  Now, if today was your last day on Earth and you did nothing because you were afraid, wouldn’t you want your last day to count?

I wrote to my mom tonight and told her about the Mayan prediction and was slightly surprised that she didn’t know about it.  I guess it wasn’t as featured on the news in Manila as it was here in the UK.  I said that I went on with my day, knowing that we wouldn’t know when end of times is coming.  Only God does and when that happens, I know where I’m going.  But that until then, we needed to live a life pleasing to our God.  That was what matters.

I admit, it would be good to know when the end of days is so that you are able to tie loose ends, do what you want to do, tick off things from your bucket list, tell loved ones how much they matter and all the other things you do to “prepare for the end.”  I think what we need to remember is that these are things we should be doing this everyday.  But we don’t know when the world will end or how it’ll end.  It’ll come “life a thief in the night.”  Everything is just conjecture.  All you just do is live each day to the fullest, making sure that everything you do counts.