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Desktop lunching

Sometimes all you need is a pot noodle and a bottle of soda!

This might not be the most healthiest of lunches (the sodium content is quite high, as you can probably imagine and soda is never really healthy, even if you do drink the diet kind because artificial sweeteners can be nasty) but it is the most nostalgic for me.  It remindes me of noodle soups that can be bought in the Philippines.  I must say I’ve tried the “Anglicised” pot noodles that you can buy in most of the supermarkets but have never really appreciated them.  I tend to like the instant noodle soups — pot or otherwise — that you can get in most asian groceries.  They seem to have more flavour (aka salt!).

I have a desk job and I do not drive (YET!) so I’m sort of stuck in the office during the day (unless I decide to venture out, which I do, if it’s not raining).  So anything that I can plonk into my bag is a good lunch really.  Most of the time I’ll have a sandwich or a pot noodle.  My desktop lunches are sometimes more adventurous, especially when I can be bothered to pack my lunch the night before or wake up early to put my lunch together.  Then I’m lucky because I have a salad or a rice meal.

I remember once walking through the office with my pot noodle and my soda and an officemate said that hot soup and a cold soda was a very weird lunch combination.  I wasn’t offended but it made me think.  I’ve always had hot food with a cold drink…something to do with what I’ve always had growing up.  It was always hot steaming rice, with a viand and a cold drink, be it a fruit juice or a soda, or even just water.  I’ve never really thought about how weird a hot-cold lunch combo would be to some people, but now that I think about it, it might be weird after all.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing?


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