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Daily routine

It takes me ages to get ready everyday.  I like to take my time with my morning ablutions.  Although that being said, I think I should streamline my morning routine so that I don’t necessarily have to wake up too early in the morning.  Because I think I may benefit from a few more minutes in bed!

I started thinking about my morning routine when I read Emma Gannon’s blog entry called No, I Really Did Wake Up Like This.  I copied off the first few words of my comment on her blog.  There are probably 3 things that I need to be sure of before I go out the door (apart from my well-planned handbag – you know, the essentials: purse, phone, keys, headphones and kindle): straightened and neat hair, a non-shiny face, and eyeliner. This is my version of low maintenance. I very rarely go out the door without making sure those three things are sorted.

But before I get to the door, before I leave my bedroom I need to have done the following:  injected Byetta (I am a Type 2 Diabetic, in case you missed it – wouldn’t blame you as this blog is filled with food related posts!), drank my Gliclazide, washed my hair, blow-dried and straightened my hair, moisturised, moisturised, moisturised, put my face on (mostly the eyeliner) and spritzed on my scent of choice (it is currently Escale À Portofino by Dior).  If I don’t get my morning routine done, I feel out of sorts.  There’s something about starting the day the way you’ve planned it.  Sometimes I wonder if I dawdle too much or if there’s a more efficient way of getting ready.

Call it bizarre but it’s my armor from a Murphy’s Law day.

What’s you’re morning routine like?

Yelly Writes

Here we go again…

Three days into the new year, I am ill again!

I woke up at some point in the wee hours of the morning shivering.  Literally.  I woke myself up because I was shaking from the cold so badly!  I did try to go to work this morning.  I dragged myself from bed, albeit feeling a bit light-headed because of the awful pounding in my head, placed myself under a hot-ish shower and washed myself clean.  I performed the necessary morning ablutions, dried and styled my hair (as is necessary!) and attempted make up (mind you, I don’t put much on because I just moisturise, put on liquid foundation, finishing powder, put on eyeliner and a bit of lipgloss–my make up routine was much more complicated when I lived in the Philippines!).  I got dressed and put on shoes, scarf and coat and was out the door on time (7:02AM on the dot!).   I was about 100 yards from my flat when I realised that my head was pounding too much for me to function and that I genuinely felt horrible.

I made the decision to go back and dive back into bed.  Thankfully, a ministering angel made me breakfast and a lovely bolstering cup of coffee and made me drink meds.  I called in at 8:26AM and told myself not to feel guilty about being ill.  If you’re ill, you’re ill and you’re better off at home and not infecting anyone else—whatever this is!

I’m hoping I can shake this bug and that all I need is one day in bed.  There are too many things that need to get done!