Yelly Snaps


Taken during my first attempt to do an all-nighter photog session.  Needless to say I didn’t last the entire night!  But the company was amazing, inspiring and aspirational.  The people we were with were so very talented…and so very down-to-earth!

Yelly Snaps

Strength and safety in numbers

This is one of my favourite streets in London.  Mostly because it has so many museums and it leads straight to Hyde Park.

At the moment, it is the focus of of news reporting because of an incident.  Apparently a car hit a number of pedestrians.  If you want to keep updated on news, you can either google or follow this link to the BBC website.

As bad as it sounds, I’m just hoping this is just a serious road traffic accident instead of an act of terrorism.

Keep safe everyone.  Stay alert.

UPDATE as at 19:00

The Met Police have advised that this was a road traffic accident.  More details on the BBC website link I placed above.