Yelly Snaps

Harry Potter!

Yes, I am a Potter head and yes, I took the Harry Potter tour at the Warner Brothers Studios in Leavesden.

The experience was glorious.  I knew what to expect because one of my church babies, Paula, had gone on the tour a few months earlier.  I didn’t expect to be so captivated and I know it sounds awfully cheesy, but I didn’t expect to be transported back to Hogwarts!  Going on the tour made me want to watch all 8 movies all over again!  It’s just driven home the point that JK Rowling had the most amazing mind, being able to create a whole world filled with wizards, witches, a wizarding school and a whole other world!

What I loved the most about the tour was that you got to see how much detail went into creating that world that drew everyone in.  It was amazing and quite the mind-blowing experience.  I tip my hat off to the men and women who took part in the creating the wonderful Harry Potter experience because this was truly amazing work!

I could post the nearly 500 photos I took during the tour (yes, they even tell you to have your cameras at the ready!) but it wouldn’t really put into words how absolutely magical it was.  Yes, magical.  Remember how you felt when you watched Harry Potter for the very first time, and marveled at the world you were entering (via the movie, of course)?  Multiply that a hundred times and that’s how it feels walking through the tour!

Yelly Writes

Catching up

I haven’t been writing anything recently.  The ideas are in my head but I need to write them down!

The past several weeks have been crazy busy!  The day job has been eating into the time I’ve put away to work on the dream job and I’m getting really frustrated!  I really need to make time to write.  I need to make sure I make the time because I really want to work on my recipes and my writing.  Dear God please give me time…or at least one of those Harry Potter time turner thingmebobs that Hermione used!  That would be incredibly handy!

Fingers crossed I am able to write this weekend!  If I do get to do that, I will write up a storm!