Yelly Writes

My father, my hero!❤️

“The father’s job is to teach his children how to be warriors, 
to give them the confidence to get on the horse to ride into battle 
when it’s necessary to do so.” 
― Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing man I know.

I will never be able to thank you enough for everything that you did for us, so that we could follow our dreams, be strong enough to fight our own battles and live the lives we want. Your kindness and generous heart extended not just to your family but even to people on the street that you barely knew. You loved generously and gave of yourself to your family unselfishly.

I am blessed because I know HOW MUCH you love us. You will forever be our amazing superhero, our miracle man.

I love you Abba. Always and forever.

Yelly Snaps

The day we celebrate our uncaped superheroes

They wear ties, suit jackets, lab coats, overalls, steel capped boots, trainers, glasses, gloves…and nary a cape in sight.  But they are our superheroes – able to leap to our rescue, hold back floods of tears, amaze us with their strength and creativity, make things happen for us, save us from ourselves, allow us to gain the power to control our futures.  All this strength coupled with the gentleness to hold our hearts and our delicate egos so they don’t get broken.

They are our fathers.  The ones who, apart from our mothers, loved us first.  They are ordinary men with the extraordinary capacity to love us, warts and all.  They are our uncaped superheroes, our everyday supermen and powerful paragon.

Today is the one day of the week we are officially supposed to fawn over our amazing fathers.  And fawn over them we should.

To my dad, who is recuperating in the hospital, get well soon Abbadabbadoo!  You are my own very personal superhero and strong man.  I love you!  Happy Fathers Day!