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Writing exercises

Like muscles, writing muscles must be exercised as well.  And like me and gym memberships gone by, I’ve let my writing muscles waste away.  

To be completely honest, real life has been quite full on and being creative, at the end of a busy, stressful day, took a back burner.  I’ve had a few things to work on (relationships, mental health issues – another blog entry completely, self-development, train delays, yadda, yadda, yadda).  Yes, yes!  They are excuses.  

So I thought I’d write.  Something.  Just to exercise the writing muscles…ease myself into the writing storm that I would like to enter the scene.  

I’ve been reading a lot of books (both fiction and non-fiction!), taking online classes (more on these later!), and I’ve been filling my head with all sorts of ideas.  All this in between taking photos and learning how to use my lovely little Olympus EPL-7 properly (yes, still!  I am constantly discovering the little tricks this lovely camera can do all with a twist of a knob and a click of a button)and my smart little dynamo GoPro, and working, FULL TIME.

Oh I spent a few days in Lovely London!  But that is, also, another blog entry!  Ha!  Yay me with all these writing projects (I have high hopes that they will actually get done!).

So let’s call this my excuse for a catching up entry.  

What’s been going on in your life?  Yes, let’s start a conversation. 


Yelly Writes

Getting organised

I need to get things back on track.  My life has been, essentially, been put on hold for 8 weeks.  I’ll write about that later because I’m not sure who reads my blog and there are people who I do not want to worry.  They have enough on their plate.

I’ve been reading a lot of books and ezines lately about meditation, health, getting organised, getting my career straight and I’ve had a lot of time to think about it.  I’ve had time to think about what I want to do and I didn’t want to do; what things I think I can apply to my life, my routine (or lack of it) and what I can keep doing (I am known to have issues with being able to “follow through” and finishing what I start).

My “time out” has helped me think about things and get my head on straight.  I am learning to value myself much better.  I want to get me back.  I will definitely post pictures of my projects.

Watch this (creative) space!



Yelly Writes

Catching up — the nth installment!

The last entry on this blog was a post for the New Year.  And then nothing.

I haven’t written anything on the blog for 52 or so days.  Mind you, it’s not as if I’ve had nothing to write about: I’ve had gripes about commuting, stresses at work, an interesting phone call (that’s all I’m saying about it because that particular phone call must remain a secret!  Ha!) a trip back to Manila (yes, I finally went home for an awfully short 11-day vacation!), Korean food discoveries, a weird tummy illness and other health issues and several beauty freebies!  Yes, I’ve had a lot of things to write about.  But I’ve been too lazy to switch on the ‘puter and start tapping on the keyboard to write about them.

I could actually take myself off the hook and say, “Oh well, you know, real life gets in the way of blogging!” but that’s a major cop out.  I used to work a full time job in the Philippines but managed to write entries at night!  In hindsight, which we all know is 20-20, I probably should not have deleted any of my old blogs.  It might have been a good writing exercise to look at an old blog entry and rip it to pieces!  I am, after all, my worst critic!

I’m certainly glad I haven’t written a New Year’s resolutions list.  One of the things on that list would be to blog more — and we all know what a rip roaring success I would’ve been on that one!  Ha!

I’ve got loads to catch up on…so I guess I’d better get typing eh?