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Booting up!

I am currently humming I Enjoy Being A Girl from Flower Drum Song in my head.  You know, the one that starts with “I’m a girl and by me that’s only great, I am proud that my sillhouette is curvy, that I walk with a sweet and girlish gait, with my hips kind of swivelly and swervy…”?

I’m humming this because I’m wallowing in girlish delight until I am absolutely pruney.  I am being the girly-girl that I am and being positively giddy about a pair of shoes!  Imelda Marcos I am not, but a good pair of shoes that love my feet is definitely worth blogging about!  I bought the most gorgeous pair of wedged boots online last weekend at 60% off the retail price (there is something to be said about buying shoes late in the season!).  They arrived yesterday.  Mind you, I had misgivings because I’ve bought beautiful boots before but boy did they punish my feet (and no matter how many times I told myself that they just needed breaking in, if I used the boots, at the end of the day, my feet would be screaming at me to get the bloody things off!  I have yet to bring myself to bring the beautiful things to either the charity shop or put it in the balikbayan box so my mum or sister can find someone else to love the boots.  I’ve used them a total of, count ’em, 4 times!)!  But these beautiful things were different.  I put them on and they seemed to hug my feet.  They seemed to wrap themselves around my feet!

I bravely booted up this morning, gingerly walking down the stairs that led up the flat to walk to the train station.  My steps were slow, but steady and very stable.  I had never felt so balanced in wedge heels before.  So my steps became less tentative and quicker.  After all, I was walking to the station to get on a train that was 12 minutes away from leaving.  I made it to the train station in 7 minutes with my feet sighing in happiness!  Throughout the day, walking to and from places, up and down stairs, running from one office to another (yes, I had a VERY busy day!), my feet felt like they were protected.  I think I bought the shoes that had the right heel height and the right snugness.  My feet haven’t felt this comfy in heels in a very long time!

I have struggled with finding shoes that fit my feet right since moving to the UK.  The only shoes I’ve ever really worn comfortably are flat shoes and well, flat shoes aren’t always the best things to wear as they aren’t always the most appropriate (and while I adore ballerina flats, we all know sometimes a bit of heel is important–especially in formal situations).  But tonight, all is well in my shoe world.  Because I’ve found wedges that hug my feet.  The next goal is to find heels that I can stomp in.

These are days when I wish there was an SM Shoemart nearby!

Clarks Shoes - MasterGame