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Not-so-magic mushrooms

On Thursday night, we planned to have bacon and mushroom sandwiches for supper.  I was excited because it was going to be an easy supper, plus for those of you who know me, I absolutely love mushrooms.  Alan bought a huge box of mushrooms the night before in preparation.  At £1.40 for a large box, it was, I thought, a steal.  By Thursday afternoon, I was already smelling the mushrooms cooking in butter!

Little did I know that we had bought more than we bargained for.  There I was, happily slicing these lovely chestnut mushrooms, planning my meal prep and looking at the next mushroom I was going to slice when I spied something really strange in the box.  I took the mushrooms one at a time and was horrified to find a lightweight knife in the bottom of my mushroom box!

Knife in box

I’m in a conversation with Asda Customer Services via DM on Twitter at the moment.  One the one hand, I am glad that I was the one who found the knife and it wasn’t child who dipped their hand into the box whilst helping prepare their supper.  The possible accidents are too scary to consider!  Apart from the cutter found in my mushroom box, there seems to be a fragment of blue-coloured hard plastic in the bottom of the box as well!  Curiouser and curiouser eh?

I’ve been asked though to send the packaging and “foreign” object back to the Asda Product Quality Team in Leeds.  But I’m not too sure about that.  Are you actually allowed to send stuff like this in the post?  I’m also curious as to what happens after I send the item back to Asda.  Do I get a reply?  An update of what happens after they’ve investigated?  Will they recall all that batch of mushrooms?  I know it’s something I should worry about but it just makes you wonder if anyone else has found knives or cutters in their mushroom boxes or is this an isolated incident?

Penny for your thoughts!

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