Yelly Writes

Manila! Manila!

I keep coming back to Manila
Simply no place like Manila
Manila, I’m coming home!
(Manila by Hotdog)


Touchdown Manila!The sight of this city made my heart skip a beat.   I told myself that the next time I came home, I would take a photo of the cityscape from the plane window.  This was the view from my window when the plane was coming down to land today.


There is nothing like coming home.  Since I moved to England, I’ve only been home twice (both times in 2014) and both trips were made because my parents were unwell.  I’m happy to say that I am coming home this time for a happier reason.  It’s my dad’s 80th birthday in a few days and I am so happy that I’m able to celebrate this milestone birthday with him.


I can’t be sure I’ll take photos.  But you can bet I’ve got a smile on my face just thinking about everything I’m going to get up to (and eat) while I’m here!


I’m so happy to be home!





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