Yelly Writes

My mugshot

After weeks of inwardly wincing every time I took my mug out of the ground floor kitchen dishwasher (where all pretty cups go to crumble) and heaving sighs of relief, the worst has happened.  My cup has got a chip.

I mostly wash my cup before I leave the office.  I make sure it’s clean so I don’t have to put my dishwasher.  I’ve seen so many cups and coffee mugs get chipped in that monstrous thing.  The one time I needed to rush out of the office to catch a train, I forget to wash my cup.  A well-meaning soul put my lovely cup in the office monster and when I came back to work yesterday, I found my cup stuffed in the back of the cupboard with a humdinger of a chip!

I can’t help but mourn my beautiful mug.  It was the perfect shape to cup so that I could warm my frozen hands when the office was cold.  It carried just enough coffee or tea for me not to feel shortchanged when I drained the last drops of my drink.  It kept the drink warm (miraculously) but you didn’t burn your lips when you sipped from it whilst the drink was still piping hot (I still marvel at the seemingly miraculous insulation!).  I don’t think Starbucks make that mug anymore…at least I can’t find it a Starbucks near me anyway.


After the appropriate grieving period, I’m going to have to find my next perfect cup.