Yelly Writes

Life was made for lazy Saturdays

The trains are buggered today.  Well, they’re not exactly buggered.  Train services are suspended because Network Rail are “improving” current rail infrastructure.  They have suspended train services between Manningtree and Shenfield, so basically, I’m stuck in Harwich.  My question: why couldn’t they let the trains get to Colchester, at least?  But c’est la vie!  It’s cold anyway.

So I shall be couch potato, pretend I’m a Nigella-esque and cook delicious food (baked chicken with gravy and rice for lunch today, roast pork shoulder and roast vegetables for supper tonight, corned beef hash for lunch tomorrow and leftovers for supper) this weekend, read a book (probably that new Julia Quinn book, if I can be bothered to download it) and bake (I have chocolate cake in mind…mmmmm fudge!).

Oh and I’ve got to iron.

Penny for your thoughts!

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