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Watermelon cake anyone?

We had a summer themed charity Bake Off at work.  I procrastinated (as is usual for me these days) with the Cakebook Challenge and put off my baking.  I need to get back into baking through the book.  I’ve lost so much time!  But I digress.  So at work we had, what I’d call a charity bake sale.  The theme was summer.  So I thought what would be better than a watermelon cake eh?

Watermelon cake

I thought it would be really cool to decorate a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and make it look like a watermelon.  I thought that putting in chocolate chips would make the chips look like the pips.  The idea is that when you sliced the cake, it’d look like a real watermelon because the inside would be red and the chocolate chips would look like pips and the whole thing would resemble half a watermelon.  Or so I thought.  I may have gone a bit overboard with the red food colouring and it turned out to be a really dark red.  I had a little batter leftover so I thought I’d make a few ice cream cone cupcakes.

Inside the watermelon cake

I got second prize for best tasting cake.  But the afterthought cakes aka the ice cream cone cakes won best decorated!  Sadly I don’t have any pictures of the ice cream cone cakes.  I must make them again.  Soon.  After I surface from the Cakebook Challenge!

Can I just say though that sometimes I wish it was easier to transport cakes to work.  There has to be an easier way…but that entails spending a shedload of cash on a car.  Sigh.

Penny for your thoughts!

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