Yelly Writes

Daily routine

It takes me ages to get ready everyday.  I like to take my time with my morning ablutions.  Although that being said, I think I should streamline my morning routine so that I don’t necessarily have to wake up too early in the morning.  Because I think I may benefit from a few more minutes in bed!

I started thinking about my morning routine when I read Emma Gannon’s blog entry called No, I Really Did Wake Up Like This.  I copied off the first few words of my comment on her blog.  There are probably 3 things that I need to be sure of before I go out the door (apart from my well-planned handbag – you know, the essentials: purse, phone, keys, headphones and kindle): straightened and neat hair, a non-shiny face, and eyeliner. This is my version of low maintenance. I very rarely go out the door without making sure those three things are sorted.

But before I get to the door, before I leave my bedroom I need to have done the following:  injected Byetta (I am a Type 2 Diabetic, in case you missed it – wouldn’t blame you as this blog is filled with food related posts!), drank my Gliclazide, washed my hair, blow-dried and straightened my hair, moisturised, moisturised, moisturised, put my face on (mostly the eyeliner) and spritzed on my scent of choice (it is currently Escale À Portofino by Dior).  If I don’t get my morning routine done, I feel out of sorts.  There’s something about starting the day the way you’ve planned it.  Sometimes I wonder if I dawdle too much or if there’s a more efficient way of getting ready.

Call it bizarre but it’s my armor from a Murphy’s Law day.

What’s you’re morning routine like?