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Writing Pit Stop

I think the one solution to my writing woes is to write when inspiration strikes me.  I’ve got so many entries floating around in my head that I think the only way to stop these writing ideas from floating away is to just stop for a moment and type out my thoughts.

This is going to have to be quick because I need to really start working on a handover document!

NR11 came to visit my blog and I found this link to Hugo and Adele’s website.  In a nutshell, Hugo and Adele sell party supplies but I was drawn to how adorable their cupcake baking cups were.  I’m all about the cute stuff as, after all, I am a girly girl!  If you like lovely pastel coloured party supplies, I think you may just have to wander around their site.   Thank you NR11 for sharing this wonderful bit of information!

Here’s a teaser of some of the lovelies that they have.  This is isn’t an advertising scheme mind!  I just thought sharing this would be helpful to someone else too!

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