Yelly Writes

Nocturnal musings

In an effort to stop myself from performing a Nigella-esque night-time raid on my fridge (which at the moment is stocked with rice, tomato and bagoong, perfect comfort food triumvirate!), I have switched on my lappy and am tiptapping on my keyboard instead of preparing a bowl of rice and tomato salad with bagoong.

Bagoong is basically fermented shrimp paste that has been sauteed.

I am tired and wide-awake at the same time.  If you could see me now: I’m sitting near the edge of my bed, near the window, with legs crossed under the duvet.  I don’t think I feel well.  I’m not too certain that I’m ill (I don’t have a fever, low-grade or otherwise, but not having a fever has never stopped a hypochondriac from worrying).  My eyes are squinting against the weird non-bright light from my laptop screen.  I wonder if I should take a paracetamol or an ibuprofen tablet, just in case?

I think I might just switch the lappy off as verbal diarrhea gets worse when one gets sleepier and I think tapping away has achieved its purpose, to make me sleepy.  Although I don’t think that was the plan originally.  I think I wanted to write about reading Her Fearful Symmetry, which I haven’t finished yet and how the book I’m reading affects the way I write.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t written that novel which is supposed to make me a millionaire?  I haven’t found a personal writing style yet.  I haven’t found the voice with which to tell my story…

Right.  I’m beginning to sound fanciful…time to publish this blog, do a bit of self-promotion on Twitter about this (idiotic) entry and drift off to the Land of Nod.