Yelly Writes

OH on the OG

No these are not cool in-with-the-kids acronyms. I don’t think the words cool and Yelly have actually featured in a single sentence in quite a very (VERY) long while! Ha!

It just means “overheard on the overground” (for those not living in London, the Overground was established in 2007 and is basically the network of trains that connects Central London to London suburbia, aka Greater London – the trains travel over the ground as opposed to under the ground, mostly).

I will usually have my headphones on while commuting as I’m almost always listening to something: either a podcast or some such playlist on Spotify, or Hamilton (yes, currently obsessed again – it comes in waves! Hey! Hey! Hey! And if you’ve ever listened to the Original Broadway Cast recording or watched the musical on Disney+ –not an advert, btw, it’s just where I get my Hamilton fix at the moment — you’ll get the reference!). I meant to charge my headphones last night because I had the feeling that they were running low on charge, but like most evenings lately, I’ve been distracted, and didn’t get around to doing anything on my I’ll-do-this-tonight list. Tut-tut, I know.

And of course, my headphones died in the middle of Leslie Odom, Jr. warbling (a word that is a favourite in my vocabulary at the moment) about being in the room where it happens (again, a Hamilton reference, and if you’re not listening to Hamilton, WHY AREN’T YOU?). I took my headphones off, attached the charging cable and attached said charging cable to my power bank, and proceeded to mentally drum my fingers in ho-humness. I usually will start scrolling through either Twitter or Instagram when not listening but my eyes were tired so I put my phone away.

I couldn’t help but overhear the very audible conversation on the train these girls were having and, considering that I was in the middle of the carriage (most overground trains are basically 4 carriages connected), they were talking quite loudly.

Girl 1:  I think Jeremy (I presume the boyfriend) is seeing someone else. 

Girl 2:  Uh hmmm (you could hear the disinterest from where I was sitting!).

Girl 1:  Did you not hear me? I think Jeremy is seeing someone else!

Girl 2: Girl, I hear(d) ya!

Girl 1:  Yeah but you didn’t exactly react?

Girl 2:  I did!  I said Uh hmm.  That’s a reaction. 

Girl 1:  No it’s not!  You’re supposed to say something else! 

Girl 2:  What did you expect me to say?  Like oh no that’s terrible?

Girl 1:  Yes! You’re my friend. You’re supposed to sympathise!

Girl 2:  Girl, I told you he was a bad one!  I told you and told you! Didn’t I do that?  

Girl 1:  But…but…

Girl 2:  And now that he’s done something like this, you expect me to sympathise?

Girl 1:  Yes!

Girl 2:  I am your friend, but I will not condone stupidity.  

(there were giggles heard)

Girl 2:  What you all laughing at?  This is a private conversation!  Stop listening.  

I am all for minding one’s own business, and to be fair, most Londoners are fairly good at doing this. The tube, and as far as I know, the OG passengers are fairly good at avoiding eye contact and not having conversations while commuting on the trains. But I guess when conversations are this loud, it will elicit reactions. I was just glad I had my mask on because underneath my mask I was grinning like a cheshire cat!

Thank you for keeping me entertained on the train ladies! You were absolute gems.

Hmmm. I need a haircut. My hair looks like it would be quite comfortable sitting on a scarecrow’s head! Luckily, I’ve actually managed to sort this out and not ignore this item on my I-need-to-do-this-soon list. Yay me!

Sometimes, if I used m brain, I feel like I could rule the world!