Yelly Snaps

Visiting secret gardens in Harwich

I am brown.  Very brown.  Brown as a coconut!

Alan and I traipsed around Old Harwich yesterday in the sunshine, peeking into people’s gardens.  Now, before you sound the alarm and think any improper thoughts, we were paid for the privilege!  Harwich gardeners come together every year and open their lovely gardens to the public so they can raise money for chosen charities and this year, because we’re learning to use our cameras (properly), Alan suggested going on the tour to see the gardens and take photos.

I took over 200 photos and deleted over half of them, choosing my favourites and best shots.

Passion flower

I’ve never seen so many passion fruit vines!  Most of the gardens that we visited on the tour had passion fruit vines that seemed to be well-established and seemed to thrive!  It made me smile seeing the vines because once, a long time ago, when our house in Manila was a small two-bedroom bungalow, our garage wall was covered by a huge passion fruit vine.  Who knew passion fruit would take to Harwich that well?

Sunken Garden

I think this was one of my favourites.  Mostly because it was such an interesting garden.  You had to go down several steps.  They called it the Sunken Garden.  The name of the garden made me smile because it reminded me of my days at uni when I was at the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines.  There was an oval area behind the main library in the campus called the Sunken Garden (I learned during my first week at uni that the “garden” actually sank a few millimeters a year!).

Knitted poppies

This garden made me giggle.  This was the garden hiding behind the Swan Gallery.  The lady who owns the gallery runs arts and crafts classes and apparently, her knitting group were busy knitting the various flowers and creatures found around the garden.  There were poppies, bees, flowers, and bunting.  There was even a knitted owl hiding in one of the perches!


One of the gardens had this lovely cherry tree in a huge pot and the branches were heavily laden with red jewel-like fruit!  Who knew you could do that?  Well, I did, at least in theory.  But this cherry tree was thriving.  It must have looked amazing when the blossoms were in bloom!

I think we’re doing the tour again next year (with me armed with SPF2000 sunblock).  There are so many things to discover in Old Harwich.  If you’re in this neck of the woods, next year, watch out for the Harwich Secret Gardens tour.  Everyone is lovely and flowers and the plants are interesting!

Yelly Writes

All done!

I’ve been working on a secret project for a few weeks now.  It’s been quite frustrating because I couldn’t really blog, tweet or post anything about it on Facebook.  I’ve been wanting to be able to vent my frustrations but because of the nature of the project, everything had to be secret–and until now, there are elements of the project that still have to be kept secret.

I’ve found myself literally sitting on my hands to stop myself from talking about the project online.  There were days when I needed instant validation and wanted to take to social media to ask for people’s opinions.  I didn’t and that in itself was quite the achievement!  I’m not really good at keeping secrets…I will eventually let a secret slip somehow.  I’ve been quite pleased with myself really because I haven’t talked about it much.  I’ve only let my family know and of course, Alan, who has been helpful with ideas and suggestions.  It felt really good to be able to talk out my frustrations about this project.  We all need a good sounding board to bounce ideas off of.  Thank God for blessings like these!

Even without going into detail, I’m quite pleased that it’s finished (even though I can’t really talk about it!).  I’m quite pleased with the way everything’s turned out.  I am, to be honest, also very proud of myself.  I’ve actually started a project and finished it on time, and the result is exactly how I envisioned this when I was planning everything!  The discipline that I forced myself to stick to while working on this project is definitely going to be something that will help me in future.  I learned a lot about feedback and constructive criticism and taking the positive from every comment received.  The critiques reminded me of a Repertory Philippines workshop where we were taught that in everything, we had to learn to take the positive and not to let the negative affect us.

Working on this project has definitely bolstered my confidence!  My brother has indicated that what I had done was a winner and that’s always a good thing.  Family, while they will always fight your corner, can be your worst critics because they know what you are able to achieve.  I’m just hoping that other people share my brother’s enthusiasm!

I’m so sorry for all the vague references.  I will, eventually, be able to talk about all this and post pictures.  But I hope you’ll humour me and wait patiently with me (I will draw patience from y’all because I will probably fail this particular marshmallow test!) while I wait until I can talk about this!

Oh and keep your fingers crossed for me please! 🙂