Yelly Writes

No more hand sitting

So the secret’s out and I don’t have to hide it from my colleagues.

I was told that I was coming back from furlough but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone else. But I got a call today and they’re making the announcement so I don’t have to keep schtumm anymore! Yay!

I’m really happy about being recalled back to work. Being on furlough is great because I’ve had the chance to catch up on sleep, on reading, and do absolutely nothing on days when I just can’t be bothered. But I love my job.

It has been a few years, but I think I have found a really great job for a company that makes a difference…at least I think so, anyway. The team is great and everyone is just driven to make a difference. You can see it in people’s dedication to their jobs.

I’m really glad I’ve been called back from furlough. It means I can start contributing to my team again.

Penny for your thoughts!

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