Yelly Writes

The struggle is real!

I’ve always maintained that my blog needs to be conversational.  That when you read my blog entries, it feels like you’re having a conversation with me and I’m just chattering away.  By the way, please take this as an invitation to initiate conversation in the comments section! I’d love to hear from all my lovely readers!

The trouble with working in an office environment and a technical one at that (I work for a chartered accountants firm) is that the language is so different.  The language is filled with technical jargon.  I’ve been typing a lot of technical documents this week so I’ve found it terribly difficult to switch the syntax off.  So I’ve been struggling to write something that “sounds like me”.  I’ve started 2 blog posts and I found myself rolling my eyes after reading the drafts!  I know I trained in education but I know I don’t normally sound so abstruse and professorial!

So today, I am parking the blogging.  Well, okay, except for this post.  I am, instead, getting my hair done and I am catching up on reading and domestic goddess duties (cooking for the weekend, cleaning the flat and tackling my ironing chair – which is probably a blog post in itself!).  You never know, the writing muses might choose to make an appearance and I can finally finish the blog entries I’ve pushed onto the back burner!

If the haircut goes well, I might post a photo on the blog to show the “new” mop.

Penny for your thoughts!

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