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General Florencio A Medina

Ama ng PAEC

Arthur C. Clarke said “I’m sure the universe is full of intelligent life. It’s just been too intelligent to come here.” I beg to differ.

In my opinion, Brigadier General Florencio A Medina had one of the most brilliant minds in the Philippines.  He was a soldier in the armed forces of the Philippines and fought the Japanese in WWII, when he was captured, he endured the Japanese prison camp he was put in and survived it.  He was instrumental in the development of what is now the Department of Science and Technology.  He was a proponent of the Philippine Science High School (which paved the way for excellent and specialist science-centred-education and this gave a lot of Filipino students a chance to study in an excellent learning environment for free) and served as one of the early chairmen of the school board.  He was the first Filipino to be elected chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency.  He was a mathematician and a chemist and a published author.

But most importantly, he was my grandfather.  He was a good father and provider to his 13 children.  To those of us, his grandchildren, who had the opportunity to grow up with memories of him, he was a loving and very present grandfather.  He was very active, larger than life and…just…there.  I will forever cherish the memory of our time sitting together at the square table in the apartment in Mabuhay with the blue and white porcelain mantle clock and you teaching me how to tell time.

You would have been 111 today, Lolo Isiong.  I am so proud to be your granddaughter.

I love you three Lolo!

7 thoughts on “General Florencio A Medina”

  1. Mom’s cousin via the Ilagan side of my family. I remember visiting Manong Isyong with my mother several times at his residence in Quezon City. Would like to connect to his descendants via FB, I do have a copy of our Ilagan family tree.

  2. Hi, I once did apprentice work at PAEC in the lab of Dr. Isagani Medina, who was my thesis adviser. he spoke to me about his father. I featured Gen. Florencio Medina in a textbook i wrote for Phoenix Publishing house. I like the story about how the father of Dr. Florencio spent a summer with his son who needed help with his math. I will be conducting a summer STEM Geek Club this May and will also talk to young kids about Gen. Florencio Medina.

    1. Hi Joy, Isagani is my father. How amazing it is to touch base with one of his many students this way. I’ll let him know we connected when I chat to him next.

      1. oh great, i will send you a picture of the excerpt of the book where i featured Dr. Florencio Medina. i will also feature your Lolo when i start my Science club for kids – STEM Geeks Club on Monday – May 24. how do i email you in a normal way so that i can attach a file?

      2. Hi Yellywelly,  glad i found out i can email you the normal way.  here is what i wrote about your grand father.  i also attached the cover of the book. 

        Josefina Ma. Ferriols-Pavico Educator, Chemist, Tutor, Science Textbook Writer, Mathgyver, aghamathika, Science Party Host, Biomimicry Advocate, Family Tree Researcher, HIV Advocate (LGBT Sensitive)  When Science Creates Magic – it sparks inspiration, cooperation, and an opportunity to share amazing science. Landline:  02-8542-1202 Mobile: +639062431272, 09087188269

      3. Hi Joy! I can’t see it but let me know if I can message you on Viber and I can send you my email address that way.

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