Yelly Writes

Me before Me Before You

I’ve read the heart-wrenching book (twice – yes, I thought I could handle it.  I was boohooing half-way through the second read because I knew what was to come!  My eyelids were sore from all the tear-Kleenex soaking.).  I think most of the people who wanted to watch the movie version of Jojo Moyle’s wildly successful book have seen the movie.  I’m one of the stragglers.  Mostly because Alan didn’t want to watch the movie.  I’ve not yet taken to watching a movie on my own here yet.

But I’ve seen it now.  Despite the reviews about how it glorified suicide, I think some people took the wrong way and didn’t notice that the movie was about falling in love and letting yourself spread your wings and widen your horizons.

I don’t know if I can review the movie objectively.  I’m still sobbing, so, obviously, it has touched me and affected me.  It hasn’t made me cry as much as the book, and strangely, Emilia Clarke wasn’t how I pictured Lou at all, but Sam Claflin was a good Will (Sam’s features sort of fit how I pictured Will Traynor in my head).  It’s hard to dig into the meat of the story when you only have two hours to go through everything written (if you haven’t read the book, you need to!  Remember to get a box of tissues, a bottle of water – you’ll need the water for the possibly dehydration because of the possible crying – and the book.).  But it was a good movie.  I don’t think Jojo Moyes would be too disappointed.

But now, I’m going to nurse my sore eyelids.