Yelly Writes


Sometimes when one needs clarity, one just has to step back and look at things differently.  Sometimes, when we’re too preoccupied with the everyday busy-ness, we lose sight of what we’ve always believed was the bigger picture.

I’ve always loved the phrase “can’t see the wood for the trees.”  That’s what happens when we get bogged down in the detail.  But then again, on the flip side, sometimes we get too preoccupied with looking at the bigger picture, we forget that it’s the pixels that make up the image.  The art of not losing sight of the end goal is to make sure you’re looking at the picture from exactly the right angle, from exactly the right distance.  When we lose our way, we get into a muddle.

Sometimes stepping back, looking at things differently, thinking about things differently helps us get out of the muddle.  Sometimes we become to preoccupied with living our everyday life, we forget to listen to our inner selves.  Sometimes taking a step back lets us hear our inner voices again.  When we do that, we find clarity again and the murky waters become less muddy.


Penny for your thoughts!

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