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I want this book!!!

I’ve got a list of favourite authors and I collect cookbooks.  I have stopped counting my cookbooks since I started this blog because, considering the size of my flat, I’ve got an obscene amount.  At least in my opinion, it’s obscene, considering the storage limitations.  My next project is to source a book case that can hold my burgeoning cookbook collection!

I do, however, want this book.  It’s supposed to be released on Thursday, 27 September.  And it’s already creating quite the ruckus.

It’s J.K. Rowling’s next book, aimed at grown up readers.  The tagline they’re using to promote it is “A big novel about a small town.”  I should have pre-ordered my book, but things have been hectic and I didn’t get around to doing anything about securing my copy.  The Kindle edition is more expensive than the hardcopy.  But really, I am a J.K. Rowling fan.  I think I’m more than likely to get the actual book!

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What’s in my handbag?

Ever since I had the operation on my right hand (I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome) I’ve been looking for ways to stop me from having to carry heavy things.  They’ve become very weak and I can hardly carry a kilo without my hands, arms and elbows telling me off for a good 72 hours.  I have the most beautiful bag from Modalu but because it is 100% leather, it is slightly heavy and with the amount of things that used to put in my bag, carrying my lovely Pippa would, right now, not be a good thing.

I’ve recently acquired a lovely Radley bag that is beautifully lightweight.  I also bought the matching purse, quite by accident.  But because the purse is smaller than my usual handbag, I am forced to carry less.  I think I’m becoming smarter about the things that I carry with me on a daily basis.

For the cosmetics in the bag, you can find out what they are here.  But I will always have my wallet, my keys, my phone (which obviously isn’t in the photo because I used it to take the photo), my mifi doohickey, my trusty ticket holder from Cath Kidston that carries all my train-related paraphernalia, Olbas Oil sniffy stick, a pocket mirror and a notebook and pen.

Now what’s in YOUR handbag?  Care to share?  Let me know if you’ve taken a photo of your handbag and I’ll repost your blog post on the blog!