After the hiatus…?

How many times have I taken a blogging sabbatical?  It happens all the time.  I allow the real world and work to take control of my life and the things that make me happy take a back seat.

Well, if I intend to be the boss of me eventually, if I intend to be responsible for my own time, then I need to take control of things don’t I?  Besides, whilst paying for my own domain name isn’t exactly breaking the bank (thank you WordPress for making this financially accessible!  You guys absolutely rock!), there must be some sort of return of investment!

So I am back in the land of the blogging!

Watch this space…again!

Oh and PS, thanks for sticking with me!  Mucho appreciated!❤️

Not-so-magic mushrooms

On Thursday night, we planned to have bacon and mushroom sandwiches for supper.  I was excited because it was going to be an easy supper, plus for those of you who know me, I absolutely love mushrooms.  Alan bought a huge box of mushrooms the night before in preparation.  At £1.40 for a large box, it was, I thought, a steal.  By Thursday afternoon, I was already smelling the mushrooms cooking in butter!

Little did I know that we had bought more than we bargained for.  There I was, happily slicing these lovely chestnut mushrooms, planning my meal prep and looking at the next mushroom I was going to slice when I spied something really strange in the box.  I took the mushrooms one at a time and was horrified to find a lightweight knife in the bottom of my mushroom box!

Knife in box

I’m in a conversation with Asda Customer Services via DM on Twitter at the moment.  One the one hand, I am glad that I was the one who found the knife and it wasn’t child who dipped their hand into the box whilst helping prepare their supper.  The possible accidents are too scary to consider!  Apart from the cutter found in my mushroom box, there seems to be a fragment of blue-coloured hard plastic in the bottom of the box as well!  Curiouser and curiouser eh?

I’ve been asked though to send the packaging and “foreign” object back to the Asda Product Quality Team in Leeds.  But I’m not too sure about that.  Are you actually allowed to send stuff like this in the post?  I’m also curious as to what happens after I send the item back to Asda.  Do I get a reply?  An update of what happens after they’ve investigated?  Will they recall all that batch of mushrooms?  I know it’s something I should worry about but it just makes you wonder if anyone else has found knives or cutters in their mushroom boxes or is this an isolated incident?

A lucky escape

My Chinese New Year celebration was punctuated with brilliant pictures and a massively stupendous fall (accentuated with the vision of stars brought on by that glorious bang on the head!).

I am glad to say that my body is recovering from the fall quite well and the head is seemingly clear from any sort of concussion (or any other ill effects from it hitting the wall).  The only sign of my obvious minor disaster is the bruised elbow.  My outer arm has a relatively benign-looking bruise but when you look at my inner elbow there is a humdinger of a bruise!

humdinger of a bruise

I’ve had a lucky escape though because despite the circumstances, I still think I managed to emerge from that accident relatively unscathed…battered ego, notwithstanding.

The bruise is now turning to varying shades of green and yellow so I know that I am healing quite well.

Thank goodness!

Watch your head!

We went back to St Ermin’s today to enjoy afternoon tea again and, in the process managed to avoid the hail that pelted London for a about 10 minutes.  That was lucky!  We could hear it from where we were seated in the Tea Lounge.  We were in a corner furthest from the windows and doors but we could still hear the noise.  I don’t know if I’ve ever written about it but I have this weird preoccupation about precipitation.  I hear rain, I need to see it.  I see snow coming down and I have to run to the nearest window to see the flakes floating down (yep, I’m very odd like that).  But this afternoon, I was well-behaved and stayed in my seat.

St Ermin's Tea Lounge

The afternoon tea was as lovely as I remembered.  This was the second time we’d had afternoon tea in St Ermin’s so we knew that we could change the savoury and sweet elements of the afternoon tea.  We chose our tea, asked for our favourites and waited.  If you do want to enjoy afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings, without having to pay through the nose and having to adhere to strict dress codes (obviously common sense dictates that you do dress accordingly), try afternoon tea at St Ermin’s.  The food is lovely, the teas are amazing, but most importantly, the staff are friendly and oh-s0-very-helpful!

Afternoon Tea at St Ermin's

Anyway, after the lovely food and the even more delicious tea, my klutzy self chose to make an utterly flamboyant reappearance!  As we were walking from the Tea Lounge to go and pay the St Ermin’s bees a visit (the hotel keeps bees and gives the honey produced in cute little pots to their guests), I managed to miss a step and fall on my left arm and smash my head on a wall with a loud bang.  I’m sure it was caught on St Ermin’s CCTV, so at least my embarrassment would only be witnessed by whoever was manning the security cameras and there wasn’t anyone else except Alan to witness my epic fall from grace!  I say epic because it felt like the worst expression of klutziness in my personal history, ever.  Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion but at the same time it felt like it was over in a flash and I was left to enjoy the starts after my head hit the wall.  Even Alan said he thought it happened so slowly that he thought I would be able to stop my head from hitting the wall.  Evidently, I didn’t because, even to me, the sound of my head making contact with the wall was very loud.  I am only thankful that it wasn’t a concrete wall or it had some sort of wooden panelling.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sitting at home with only a sore head and bruised arms and a dreadfully damaged ego.  I am so thankful for small mercies!


On the way home, because it was Chinese New Year, I read my Chinese horoscope (I’m not necessarily superstitions but I do find it entertaining reading) and it says, that health-wise, for Dragons “Due to the existence of the inauspicious star Tiane (天厄), you will hardly maintain the stable health in 2017. To be simple, you may easily have minor illness or disaster, and suffer lingering cold or fever…” – lingering cold, check; minor disaster, fall and bang on the head today, check!  I’ve never had my horoscope, Chinese or otherwise, be this spookily accurate!

My head is still sore, and the left side of my body feels bruised.  I can’t seem to straighten my left arm but I think this is because my arm took the brunt of the impact of my fall.  I’ve had people say that I need to get checked out by a medical professional just to make sure I’m okay.  I will…if anything completely out of the ordinary happens.  But I am just mostly bruised so I don’t think I need to see a doctor…but I am keeping an open mind and am listening to my body.

Be careful everyone!  Watch where you step!


Back to the salt mines!

I had 10 days off work.  1o days!

It was a struggle to go back to work this morning and the day sped by so fast I nearly got whiplash!  But, that being said, after 10 days of not being chained to a desk (and my determination to keep my desk as paperless as possible), today was a good first day back at work!

Today was actually a really good day.


Last day of the year

I saw this quote on Goodreads a few days ago and copied it down into my notes.  It was a good thing to have floating about because it made me think about impending arrival of the New Year and what I wanted that to mean to me:

“What would you like to have happen in your life this year?  What would you like to do, to accomplish?  What good would you like to attract into your life?  What particular areas of growth would you like to have happen to you?  What blocks, or character defects, would you like to have removed?…The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.  We can help write that story by setting goals.” ― Melody Beattie,  The Language of Letting Go

It’s this existentialist-esque questions that make you stop and think and indulge in well-needed retrospective introspection.  I may be twisting arm chair psychology, but this, I guess, is my reaction to my passive-aggressive over-developed sense of responsibility and hyperactive conscience!  In a few hours another year will have come and gone.  Another year will shortly begin its run.

While I don’t necessarily do New Year resolutions (anymore, as my steely New Year resolve will probably just last 3 weeks tops), I have goals this year: to strive to be kinder to others and to myself; to listen more to others and learn to use my self-edit button so I don’t speak before thinking; to make sure that my response to everything is borne out of love, patience and kindness; to make sure that no matter what, I follow the Golden Rule; to make sure I take care of my body, my heart and my spirit, and to make sure that whatever I do is guided by my faith. 2016 has been difficult and there were hard lessons that I had to learn and hard truths I had to face about myself. But because God is faithful, I am blessed with the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and to work at being a better version of me! I am God’s project, His work in progress!

Here’s to the New Year everyone! 🙂

Berlin Wall Fragment

It’s Christmas!

Regent Street angels

“The light of the Christmas star to you. The warmth of home and hearth to you. The cheer and goodwill of friends to you. The hope of a child-like heart to you. The joy of a thousand angels to you. The love of the Son and God’s peace to you.”
― Sherryl Woods, An O’Brien Family Christmas

To family and friends, both near and far, you are all thought of today, whether it is Christmas Day already where you are, or you are still rushing about taking care of last minute Christmas preparations, may you all have the happiest and the merriest of Christmases and only the choicest blessings are wished for you for the New Year!